Betsy a.k.a. Cady

I wasn’t going to write about this anymore, however, I feel the need to address a few statements that were in two comments, made by the same woman who landed in my spam folder. She accused me of not posting her comment because she had spewed vitriol and she called me basically a hypocrite. So, first I am going to do a letter to Cady, even though I did send her an email, at the email address she left, no answer from her, explaining that spam messages were not going to be approved. I will write the letter, then below copy and paste her comments, I will not be editing them.

Dear Cady,
In the opening salvo of your comment you asked if someone posted something negative about me or my family would I keep it up for others to read. First of all, I did not make any disparaging remarks about an individual, what I did is tell the truth about a COMPANY, a company that does business with the public. That is hugely different from posting a negative comment about one’s family or an individual.
Next you said what if you were to post my public records, something about a dui and scandals, first off, no one posted any public records, court documents, dui information or scandal about any individual. Once again I said that a COMPANY has fulfillment issues and customer service issues and suggested that they create a call center to address those issues. Which would provide more jobs in the Tulsa area. Not seeing a downside to that.
I am not jealous of anyone’s success, as you suggested, I have my own successes and am very happy with my life at this point and time.
My children, who are all grown, are incredible adults, I raised them to be that way.
You seem to know me since you called me by my first name, so I am not hiding, also there is a link to my personal twitter on this page. No hiding.
I am happy that you want to add me to your prayer list, I love it when people pray for me.
And to the second time you posted, as I have previously said, your IP address came up as a spammer, and you were sent to my spam folder on my blog admin page. That is probably due to you having a virus or hijacker on your pc. Might want to check that out. Now I will copy and past your comments so you can see them. Also this is the very last time I will be addressing this, not due to your vitriol, but due to me having so many other things to write about, you might want to check out my blog this weekend, I am planning a huge Peggy Carter post.

First comment from Cady:

I’m confused ! You mean to tell me if someone posted something negative about you or your family you would leave it up on your facebook page for others to read?
What if I were to post some of your or anyone else’s Public Court records on your facebook page would you leave it up for the world to see all the Protective Orders against you, the DUI’s, scandal or anything else negative you have done or would you delete it? I think you would delete it and handle it privately. At least that is how most mature grown ups handle things. Not social media!
I feel like jealousy plays a big part in all the nasty negative comments.
Angela, the fact you take the time to write blogs about Rustic Cuff speaks volumes about you and the way you live. Is that the way of Mary Kay or the way your parents raised you? I would sure hope not.
To me it seems like a bunch of jealous Grown Immature Women hiding behind their computers attacking others like junior high girls. I really hope you aren’t raising your children to grow up and treat others this way.
#meangirls #Miserylovescompany
I will add you to the prayer list at church. I pray that something good happens in your life because it seems you need a little happiness in it.

Second comment from Cady

Funny I knew you wouldn’t post my comment. Guess you didn’t like what I had to say. Isn’t that what you are accusing them of doing? #Potcallingthekettleblack

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  1. Angie,
    I don’t know where you are from or who you are but would u please email me. I’d love to visit with you about this comment and what I’ve gone through. Ps…Betsy is an RC employee. Lol


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