I Only Thought I Was Done

Just a note before I get started, this is my world, I will write what I want to, when I want to, uncensored. If you do not want to read about it, find a new website. It is not called Angieworld for nothing, I am Angie, I am from Owasso, I do know my 1st Amendment rights and I regularly exercise them. Another thing, I never lie.

I really thought I was done, but Betsy Free just cannot go away quietly, Betsy Free accused me of hiding behind a computer and being a “mean girl”. When Betsy Free used a nom de plume herself, well hello Cady, by the way, I said that in my best Rachel Green voice when she says hello Mr. Rachel to Ross.
I digress, it turns out Betsy Free works for Rustic Cuff, so everything she has threatened is coming from the company. She represents them, so I am being threatened by Rustic Cuff, they have threatened to find any dirt they can on me and make it public information.
I am also hearing from a plethora of people that have similar experiences with Betsy Free in particular and Rustic Cuff. I am so shocked at the number of people coming forward.
A little back story. You see, in my family, that has been in this country a very long time, one branch since 1774, another one since the 1600’s, we have a motto. Take a stand, speak for those who cannot, for whatever reason, speak for themselves. It was the reason in elementary school I went against my best friend Ricky, when he was picking on a girl that, well now we know it as DS, I was incensed he would do such a thing. I didn’t keep quiet because we were friends, it is the reason I spoke up for my friend Bobby in High School when some of the athletes made fun of him for being too effeminate. It is the reason I became a Union Steward.
Speaking up against what is not right is a family heritage to take a stand, to speak out against wrongs where we can. Here I can, I don’t hesitate, especially after I have been attacked for simply stating the truth.
Jill Reamer Donovan, your direct report, your employee, you are the owner of Rustic Cuff, Betsy Free is speaking for you. So, ipso facto, you are the one threatening me with all sorts of nasty things. Is that really the representation you want for a company that is trying to build itself on benevolence and giving? If so, then it is what it is, if not, don’t you think it’s time you had a conversation with Betsy Free, your employee?
In her comments to me Betsy Free, who hides behind Cady, posted her email address, her email address is public, when you provided your email address when commenting, you freely provided the address on my website and directly to me. I did not force you to provide your email address, this was a free decision on your part, therefore by freely doing so on my property (my website), you consented to providing such information. The fact that your comments were marked as spam was the only reason it did not become public automatically. Email addresses are like your home address. These are publically available on the internet, and not protected. I found it easily at Spokeo. If you want to become a keyboard warrior, make sure you know what is public and freely available before commenting. If you are to accuse others of hiding behind a keyboard, you should be using your real name when threatening on the internet.
I really wanted to get back to writing about my beloved superheroes, I have a Peggy Carter article that I am working on and this just keeps me from it. I do have a large following that wants to read about science fiction, Marvel, DC and, well anything Joss Whedon. They also want to read about my family research and about my parents’ history.
Betsy Free, stop harassing me so I can go back to my passion!
I have your comments saved, I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau in Tulsa, the Small Business Association and looking into cyber harassment charges with the local police.

Betsy Free

Just a note, this is freely available on the internet and requires no special access. It is public information.

10 Replies to “I Only Thought I Was Done”

  1. This just cracked me up. I have to tell you Angie, I think they think you are me. As I do have a past. I am a recovering alcoholic and everyone where I’m from knows my history except for those ladies at Rustic Cuff who actually seem to be quite the opposite of their story…the fact that they take Pride in being “mean girls” and that they have taken the time to dig up my past and threaten to “make it public” shows exactly the kind of women they really are. Betsy..aka Cady…haaahaaa well they can’t inform anyone of something that’s not already public…isn’t that how they found it??? My life story has been an open book…you see I have nothing like a marketing ploy they do to hide or protect from anyone. I don’t make millions lying to people…I’m just me. I did share some of my story w the owner, so to know that she and her “core group”…yes she actually has her FAVORITES…made fun of my past and my struggles has made me NEVER want to buy another cuff from them EVER. They have threatened me also, w slander for making a customer service post on my previous auction page. She has since become an admin on every RC page that of course my husband and I have been blocked from. I’m sure they want to protect that image and it was more important that they ignore customer service issues than “help” someone LIKE ME….to just enjoy cuffing as a new addiction. Women have gone so crazy and mad just trying to see this woman like she’s Jesus and they “pick and choose” while they have their giveaways to drum up more followers. I was told she has nothing to do with these pages…but if you admin them and do promotions on them…YES..THEY ARE A REFLECTION OF YOU. I was told they did Not want “someone like me” to run an auction page that had the RC name…why??? Because I brought customer service issues to light??? My past DOES NOT DEFINE ME…WHO I AM TODAY DOES. THEY CAN REJECT ME ALL DAY LONG CLAIMING TO BE “CHRISTIANS”…But last time I checked Jesus didn’t mingle w perfect people he mingled w the sinners and helped them. I’ve found since then I can buy much more “name brand” bracelets made much better….in China even with names like Coach, MK, Kate Spade, Betsy Johnson, Chanel, LV….and they aren’t afraid to say where they are made. Yes it’s been said that I was bashing the owner because I said they were being made cheaper and asked if they were being made in Hong kong? Why not just be honest like the name brands??? Anyways I would say alot more and post screenshots…..but I won’t be a “mean girl” or a RC cuffer…it’s not me;)


  2. I was able to do a business review at the Better Business Bureau of Tulsa, I think everyone should who has had these issues. Rustic Cuff aka Jill started following me on twitter then blocked me. I have a picture of both where she followed me and then blocked me. She pretends she doesn’t know what her employees are doing. She can’t sue me for Slander as I have not said anything that is not true. so far she has not directly contacted me. These people are unbelievable. They are truly vicious, wolverines look tame next to them! But the thing is, they don’t scare me, I have a forum where I can say whatever I want, whenever I want and I have the 1st amendment to thank for that. I hope they leave you alone and realize I am not you. I am so sorry for anyone having to deal with them.


  3. Thank you so much for your posts.I am so disappointed. with Rustic. Cuff as a business.I was slaughtered on of the pages. Of which Ms.Donovan is an administrator. My commet was Jill Donovan is a savvy. business woman with a great sales gimmick and at the end of day the cuffs are just bling and do not play into the big picture.
    I had women private massaging cruel post bordering on bullying. I contacted Jill Donovan /Rustic Cuff
    What I got for my effort was blocked.
    They tried to tell me that Jill doesn’t do Rustic Cuff for the money. Savvy sales gimmick.
    My daughter was blocked for her post defending me.I am a 64year old widow that suffered a spinal cord injury last May. My daughter’s post simply ask how it felt to harass an elderly lady and make her cry
    As the owner/operator of this company she is responible for her employees the groups she is administrator in and her empire’s reputation.
    Regift so you can buy more. Line my coffers.


  4. Wow beverley I am so sorry you had to join the blocked we aren’t worthy” clan. It’s ok here we aren’t judgemental.I applaud your daughter for defending you….sad they can’t just simply answer….just block and threaten. If she wasn’t in it for the money then we wouldn’t pose such a threat just asking about customer service issues would we??? I mean every business has cs issues…but NEVER have I had to worry about being banned from DILLARDS Wal mart or Saks….lol let alone threatened about my past from the owners…Not the story they play on. Smh….


  5. Johnna thank you for your post I was just thinking I needed to go to RC and look but now I know I will never step foot in her business


  6. I shared your blog on my Facebook angie. I wanted people to come here and read it themselves and know that we are 2 different people.


  7. I totally appreciate you sharing me! Please feel free to any time, I just didn’t want Janet to think I was you! LOL I do see a lot of people clicked on the link to the Tulsa BBB I hope they filed complaints. If you go to yelp.com and look at their reviews, there are almost none that are positive and they only have a 2.5 rating.


  8. I wish people would wise up to her ploy to gifting . Yea gift so she can make more money off her junk. I’ve seen so many complaints lately about broken items and customer service complaints. Contact me I’ll send you the info if you want.


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