What I Learned This Week

I’ve learned a few things this week, number one, not a lot of my friends and family read me, so I can really write anything I want, very freeing. I also learned that if a business puts itself out there as being owned by a Christian, the owner better act like one, also her employees should be aboveboard and honest.

This is a good time to be a geek people, I am so loving television right now, ok, so I have always loved television, but let’s break it down. Monday night, Supergirl (ok, this show is not the best example, however after Monday’s episode I am hopeful), Tuesday is Flash and Agent Carter, Wednesday is Arrow and Thursday is Legends of Tomorrow. I know I have said this before, but I seriously cannot believe the same person who created Flash and Arrow does Supergirl as well.

If you are not watching Agent Carter, you are missing some of the best television I have seen in a long time. It is sharp, funny, smart, the actors have their roles down pat! They are nothing short of fantastic, I wish it were on Netflix so I could binge watch it.

It is so perfectly cast, I don’t know who did the casting, but Jarvis, Howard Stark and Peggy Carter are pitch perfect. The rest of the cast is equally as awesome, I see Whedon alumni’s in the mix, so it is no surprise.

Everyone who has a daughter should be watching Agent Carter with their daughters, this is the woman you want them to emulate. No love triangles, no wishy washy personality traits, she is strong, vibrant, witty, smart and beautiful as well. She doesn’t put up with anything, at all, even the nonsense from Howard Stark, she calls him on it, he responds by continuing his bad behavior to aid in her investigations.

Seriously, set your DVR’s to this show, Tuesday nights, ABC, 8:00 pm CST.

I find myself disappointed in women once again, I have seen several things over the past few weeks that leave me very literally shaking my head. From the employee at Rustic Cuff that made a 64-year-old, disabled widow cry because they bullied her. I am getting so many responses to those entries, I didn’t mean to take up a crusade but so many were coming forward telling their stories.

When Betsy Free tried her very best to try that tactic with me, well I could not keep silent and let it go. I think they are so used to dealing with women whom they can bully, and this is not put down, but they look for women who are not able to, for whatever reason, speak up for themselves.

They didn’t count on someone who can quite easily tap into their righteous indignation gene and who has a forum where they can speak out. I do not intimidate, at all, you see I have been through the worst thing that can happen to me in life, there is nothing that you can do to me that hasn’t already been done.

I was raised to always do the right thing, apparently some parents skipped that lesson with their children and now they have a business and employee people who are just like them. Oh and please, for the love of all that is holy, learn how to use a hashtag properly. It nearly drove me insane seeing all of that mess.

Tonight is Legends of Tomorrow; I must go prepare for that.


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