Answers One Does Not Want

Anyone who knows me well knows that I love Dear Abby, I read her every day and have since I was 12 years old. I read her today; however, it was another advice column that really caught my attention. One I have never even heard of, Dear Amy. What caught my attention was the headline, Mom Doesn’t Like Answer to Question.

I was quick to click, what did she ask that she didn’t like the answer to! Curiosity got the best of me, I admit it, I wanted to know what not to ask my own children. The mom lives on the West Coast, all of her children live on the East Coast.

She asked her children, two of whom live in Boston and one in Baltimore, where they would like her to live, so she could help with the grandchildren. Her words, help with the grandchildren. The two in Boston said we don’t need help, move to Baltimore, the one in Baltimore said yes I would love to have you and the help. With an answer like that, you know that mom (it’s a daughter that lives in Baltimore) needs help and welcomes it.

The two in Boston knew that as well and are directing their mother to where she is needed. This mom did not like that, she is not happy, she wants to move to Boston where she has friends and relatives.

I was aghast, why ask??? Why on earth would you ask if you were not going to like the answer? If one of my children said I need help, trust me, I don’t care if I don’t know anyone in the city, I am going to the one that needs me.

Well, Dear Amy hit it on the head, she said why did you ask, just move where you want and then be prepared for the hurt feelings. Because it is going to happen, all three are going to be not happy with you, mom, because you asked! Then, when you didn’t like the answer, just did what you should have done in the first place. Do what you want.

It’s insane when people ask a question then don’t like the answer they are given. When the time comes for my children to take care of me (it’s going to be soon, I am old) I am just going to go around and spend a few months with each.

They are going to love that, I’m sure, their mom there, 24 x 7, asking intruding questions, eating popcorn, hogging the remote control.

Oh wait, Elizabeth Anne doesn’t have television, no cable, no satellite, I may have to do some thinking on this. Install satellite at her house, for me, I hope she doesn’t want me to help with the roosters, I am still reeling from my last time.


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