Happy Birthday Elizabeth Anne

Today is the day, the beginning of my birthday month! Kidding, well yes and no, it is February 1st, however, today is Elizabeth Anne’s Birthday! Yes, we share the month, and that is truly awesome.

I know I usually tell about the day she was born, the 80-degree weather turning into a raging snow storm that night. But today I want to tell you how truly amazing she is.

Elizabeth Anne I always knew you were special; I knew that because you were exactly what I prayed for in a daughter. Smart, funny, beautiful, thoughtful and strong, it is the strength that continues to amaze me.

You are the strongest woman I know, you are so beyond Wonder Woman and Supergirl, and I don’t mean outer strength. Although you have that in abundance as well.

I mean your inner strength, you continue to amaze me with your independent spirit and how you can stand on your own two feet. You meet every problem head on, you exude confidence even when I know you are close to a breaking point.

I have never been prouder of you than this past year, watching you grow, watching you become even stronger. I wish I were more like you in a lot of ways.

You make me a proud mother every single day, not only your strength but your huge heart. If anyone has ever witnessed, you with your animals and your family they would know who you really are.

You are the kind of daughter every mother wishes they had, I am fortunate enough to be the one God gave you to.

I love when we go shopping, I love when we text each other during The Walking Dead and I love when you watch Star Trek or anything with Star in the title. I love that you inherited a little bit of my nerdiness, your dads’ strength and turned it into something unique and wonderful that is Elizabeth Anne.

There is no one on earth like you, I am so proud to call you my daughter. Always remember, you are the daughter of an Empress, you will inherit my entire Universe if you outlive me. If Tessa doesn’t overthrow the throne first, that’s a definite possibility as she is really feisty, and now refers to herself as the official EIT.

I love you so much, I am so proud of you. Happy Birthday Elizabeth Anne!

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