Something New

It is the beginning of my Birthday Week, I think we all know I celebrate all month, however, now I share my month with two special people, their birthdays are before mine. Elizabeth Anne and I don’t know what I should call her. I want to say granddaughter, but I’m not her grandmother, I’m her Angela. I don’t feel free to say her name, as I have not said her mother’s name, her mother that I am not her mother but she is my daughter. It is a strange dichotomy.

Today I start off my week with a 90-minute massage, it is really a Christmas present, but I am just now getting to use it. It’s from the Irishman, I got that along with Alexa and a Star Trek robe. I love all of those things.

So, I did something I have never done this morning, and it is early! I have had a Periscope account for a long time and have just joined in on my friend Shannon Thomas’ broadcasts. She is a local DJ here in the DFW area.

I have followed a Bay City Roller, Les McKeown, lead singer, for a while now, I have never jumped on one of his broadcasts. I did it this morning! An early birthday present, hear the speaking voice of one of my favorite band members. I’m still grinning.

Then, I did the unspeakable, I did a live broadcast myself! I did not show my face as it is not camera ready right now, but I did two of them!! I have no words for how exciting that is to me! I had seven people jump on to listen to me. I do believe I will be doing more of those.

So here I sit, drinking my Braggs, lemon and Nature Nate’s concoction, contemplating my mortality as I will be older this week. I realize I still have so much to do; I don’t know what exactly but I know I have to do it!

Family dinner was at a different location this past Friday, it was hosted by my children’s sister, at her home, with her husband and children. It felt good, complete, a wholeness, there was laughter, conversation and good food. Oh and funfetti cupcakes and a chocolate cake, guess which one was for me.

I also got presents, books! So excited about that, have already started them.

So I am thinking the Periscope will play into my new venture, which will begin this month. I am very excited about this and not quite ready to share here yet. It will be awesome and epic and play right into my wheelhouse.

It is the brainchild of myself and my BFF Tammi, without her I would never have thought of this.

That’s all I have for now, must walk, I got a Fitbit for my birthday, from the Irishman, and it is compelling me to hit goals.


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