Romance Foy and Odela Style

With today being Valentines Day I feel the need to talk about the most romantic couple I have ever known in my entire life. My mom and dad, Foy and Odela, true love that lasted a lifetime and left a legacy of love that is still on going today.

Since I didn’t know them when they were just married or even when they were a young couple raising children all I can tell is what I witnessed when they were older.

The first legacy is well me, they didn’t have to take me in, let alone adopt me, teach me what real love is, lasting love. It is unselfish in nature, always putting others in the household before yourself. It was incredible to witness firsthand, I can tell you that, every day of my life I think of them and try my very best to live up to the lessons I learned by simply watching them.

You know what, I am going to tell you about a typical day in their life, not a special day, just an ordinary one.

It began with waking up, very important, as some people don’t, they recognized this and the very first thing they did every morning was give thanks to God. Together.

Next was breakfast together, again, giving thanks that food was on their table, as they had lived through a time that was not always the case.

Next was doing the dishes after breakfast, once again done together, there was no mechanical dishwasher, it was done by hand. The two of them standing side by side, cracking jokes, laughing as one washed and one dried and put away.

Next was daily chores, my dad dusted and vacuumed, my mom cleaned the bathrooms and did laundry. All the while joking as they went along, grateful they had a floor to clean and indoor bathrooms.

Sometimes it was a trip to town, which would include the both of them, when one had to leave to do an errand without the other, they would kiss like they were never going to see each other again.

Lunch was their main meal of the day, once again, giving thanks for all God had provided, there was never a lag in the conversation. One would think after all that time together they would have run out of things to say, but no, they still chatted and flirted like they had just gotten married the week before.

Dinner was simply bran cereal and a piece of fruit, then it was the news and Wheel of Fortune, what came after that was simply the most romantic thing I have ever witnessed in my entire life.

The would take their bibles out and read out loud to one another, not random passages, they had it all planned out. Every year they would read the bible through, and they would choose a different plan every year to do that. Then they followed through with their plan.

Reading to one another out loud every evening, sitting side by side in their recliner sofa, sometimes with the dog between them. More times than not, holding hands while doing this simple, soul bonding, activity.

On Valentines Day my dad would get my mom a beautiful flower, hardly ever a rose, it was something usually hand picked by Scotty, the owner of the flower shop my dad knew. Of course a card and box of candy.

He never forgot me on that day, he and my mom would get me a card and a box of candy as well.

Witnessing the love these two shared, the quiet, romantic, silly, fun and enduring love has shaped how I look at love and romance.

I hope everyone out there can find the kind of love my parents had, however, I do believe it was a once in a generation type of romance.

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