My Birthday Week

So, it’s been my Birthday Week this past week and has it been full! It started off with a wonderful massage at Quantum Body Massage and Wellness on Monday, this was actually a Christmas present from the Irishman. I just now was getting to use it; best massage I have ever had! I highly recommend this place, she is an older woman, maybe late 50’s early 60’s, not chatty, and listened when I told her what I do for a living and she got all of the spots! Amazing!

Same day I got to pick up Brooklyn from school, had a short conversation with her and dropped her off.

Then Tuesday went to Sherman to see Jeffrey (oil change, but any excuse to see my son) then Bonham to see Elizabeth Anne. That trip included seeing her new birds, she has a new best friend, an African Goose named Petrie. He’s hysterical, I think he was trying to tell me that she was his and not to get too close.

Then on my actual Birthday, I was able to have a fantastic visit with my good friend Wanda, a 3-minute conversation with Brandon then a 45-minute conversation with Brooklyn. She is much more chatty on the phone than he is. And I managed during that call to get a text from Stacy saying you told Brooklyn to tell me to take her to Petsmart? I can see my phone privileges may get revoked. Then dinner at Abuelos with the Irishman, it was a good evening.

I received phone calls, texts and many well wishes on Facebook, I am extremely humbled that people took time out of their busy lives to tell me happy Birthday.

Thursday was lunch with Alex, always a good time, I love our conversations. Then I got to pick up Tessa from school. Dinner with Jeffrey and Tessa, plus I got two kettlebells, a 20 pound and a 40 pound! I came home and immediately began doing squats with the 40 pound one!

Friday was spent at Tessa’s school for her Valentines party, so much fun! She was so happy that I got to be there. Which made me happy.

The evening was topped off with a movie with the Irishman, The Deadpool, such a great movie!

It was funny, irreverent, tongue-in-cheek, completely enjoyable and can I be honest here? It was great to see a comic book movie with no children in the theater. This is an adult movie, Rated R for a reason! And it was glorious! Ryan Reynolds was completely in his element in this role. I hope to see many more sequels in his future.

Today is Saturday, I have nothing planned for today, tomorrow is shopping and hopefully lunch with Elizabeth Anne and Stacy. Which will be fun.

Oh and The Walking Dead is new tomorrow night! A great ending to my birthday week!


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