My Adopted State

I’m an Oklahoman, born and bred, everything about me screams Oklahoma. From my love of the University of Oklahoma (Boomer!) to my speech patterns. 

However, I choose to live in Texas, for so many reasons. First and foremost my children are Texans. They will not be leaving the state so therefore neither will I. 

There was a time I seriously considered moving back home. It was right after my divorce, my dad had just passed away and I felt I needed to move back. Especially at the funeral, so many people were telling me I had to move back and take care of my mom. I felt overwhelmed, I already had three people that were depending on me, I didn’t even know if I could handle a fourth. 

I thought and thought about it, I prayed a lot, then one night, after putting my children to bed, I called my mom. Crying, incoherent, she finally understood what I was saying. I didn’t want to move back to Owasso. I had built a life in Texas, I didn’t want to take my children away from their father. 

I’ll never forget what she said; “Angie, why on earth would you think you had to take care of me? I’m a grown woman, besides that, there are three others that live here. They’re older than you and can take care of me. You need to grow where God planted you.” It was freeing, having her blessing. 

So I stayed in Texas, raised my children, made great friends that became family. I have never once regretted my decision to stay and grow where God planted me. 

Even though I didn’t go back home to Owasso, I’m still an Oklahoman in my heart.


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