I don’t know if I’ve ever told the story of how the irishman and I met. Since I can’t remember and I am quite prolific in my writing, I’ll tell it now. 

I was sitting at work, minding my own business, when this chat pops up. I don’t know this person, I can’t even begin to pronounce his name, and he was rude. No good morning, no introduction, just a demand for information. 

So, me being me, I say to the group of people I’m sitting amongst, who is this person. I can’t even pronounce his name, I don’t know him. If anyone really knows me, I believe you can hear the disdain dripping from my voice. 

A co-worker jumps up, looks at my screen and says oh it’s that Irish guy. Me: “what Irish guy?” Him: “Angie, the only Irish guy that works here.” Me: “No clue.” Him: “The redhead.” Me: “oh, I thought he was Scottish, I was going to have him introduce me to the Bay City Rollers.” The looks at that comment are not worth describing. 

I answer his query and think that is that. Never gave it another thought. Majorly disappointed I have once again missed my opportunity to meet the BCR. The next day I get another chat, no good morning, no how are you, just another demand for information. This time I think to myself oh heck no. I type good morning and sit back and wait. And wait. And wait. 

Finally he gets the hint, says well it isn’t a good morning because he has this issue. I laugh, give him his answers and that is that. 

The next day I get a chat, it says good morning, see I can learn. 

That’s what started the whole thing, he irritated me, then became persistently irritating then won me. 

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