Ode to My Co-Workers

Ok, so, someone posted a meme the other day about co-workers, how they made going to work worth it. It was something to that effect, and I loved it, like literally, because you can now click a heart. Which means love, in case anyone is confused.

I really thought about it, in the nineteen years I have been gainfully employed by the large telecommunications corporation that I work for I have been most fortunate.

There have literally been two people in those years that seriously scared me, like postal worker scared me. Other than that, every person I have sat by, next to, in the vicinity of or on the same group I have simply enjoyed them.

I wish I could name each one, but that list would go to the moon and back, I have been so blessed by these people. I met my BBFF there, I formed a Buffy watching group there. I found friendship, kinship acceptance and mentoring there.

I met people who taught me work things, I met people that taught me life lessons, I met people from every walk of life. I feel every person I have ever sat by was sent by God.

When I first started I was what was considered off the street, I thought that was the most horrible term I had ever heard. I quickly learned the ropes and found a place where I could not only grow professionally but personally.

I found people to commiserate with, to have intellectual conversations with, I found kind people, funny people and good old fashioned amazing people.

I have found a little bit of myself in almost every one of them.

I don’t understand when I read about people complaining about their coworkers. The ones I have now, in my group are awesome, an overused word I know, but it is fitting in this case.

I honestly didn’t know what to expect when coming to this department, we were all coming with more seniority than the majority of employees there. If you don’t work for a large unionized corporation, then you will not understand the importance of seniority.

It’s a huge deal. Would they be angry? Would they not like us on spec? how would I feel if someone, a lot of someones just showed up and dropped me way down?

I needn’t have worried, the welcome I experienced was really terrific, the very first thing the person sitting right across from me said was, and I quote: “hey! We’ve been waiting for you guys! We heard you all were the cream of the crop, we’re really excited for you to be here!” that was Jerome, and he is just like that sentence sounds, sincere, kind and enthusiastic. I cannot tell you how much he has helped me. Wylie with his experience of outside line and installation work, continues to amaze me with his knowledge. Eric with his humor and willingness to share his knowledge, all of them! They all do! It’s such a sharing environment, everyone chimes in with ideas and knowledge, I have even been able to bring things to the table with my knowledge of email issues and also mac configurations.

I have been reminded of how lucky I am to have a job by some, I am not lucky, I am blessed and fortunate. Not only by being able to make a living but by the people that the job has brought into my life.


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