Everywhere I look these days I am seeing posts and memes that say something about blessings. Count your blessings or they are blessed or your blessing is coming.

I fully admit I have been in a very dark place lately, where I can’t see anything in my life that would count as a blessing.

So, I decided to take the advice of the Internet and take a hard look into my life and find what God has given me, that I didn’t deserve.

Before I start, I want to say that I am incredibly happy for all of my friends that have so much going for them in their lives. Every time I see an accomplishment or a new acquisition I am beyond thrilled for you! I love it!

Now, back to me, I went back to the beginning, yes, birth.

First off, I was wanted, by my grandparents and several aunts and uncles and cousins. I was blessed.

I had a grandpa that fostered my curiosity and intelligence above everything else. It has stayed with me. I try to honor him in educating myself continually.

I had a grandma that taught me to argue like a southern woman. Highly useful.

I was blessed with teachers that encouraged my love of reading and writing. A true blessing.

Next I acquired parents, real ones, I wish I had appropriate words to express how that changed the trajectory of my life. Gods hand, totally.

I became an Owassoan, not by birth, but by adoption, the way my parents adopted me.  Owasso gave me a sense of belonging in a lot of areas and a sense of security that I had never really had.

I went on to have the biggest blessings of my life. Jeffrey, Elizabeth and Alex. Then Tessa.

I didn’t count Stacy as a blessing for me, because she was a blessing for someone else. For many years.

Now, I am going to claim her, she and her children as mine. Having her move to Texas and getting to know her and her children is like a miracle to me.

I don’t have material blessings, or a career that is brag worthy, nor do I have any talents. I’ll never be a supermodel or even passably pretty.

But I have had many things in my life that count as blessings. So, those I will focus on, not the things that want to drag me into self-doubt or darkness. No more morose posts, oh don’t get me wrong, happily ever after still doesn’t exist. Fairy tales are crap, I still love them, but they’re crap. However I will not be discussing in-depth my feelings on true love.

Oh and my job, is an amazing blessing, no putting that down. It came in a time that literally saved my family. I was working three jobs, going to school full-time and raising three kids.

With that one job I replaced the income of all three of the jobs. I will be forever grateful to God for that particular blessing.

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