Sleep Aids


Ok, so, everyone who knows me well, knows I love my sleep aids. I have loved them for a long time, as soon as they invented night time Tylenol I was on board. I have tried many sleep aids over the years and right now I actually take a prescription sleep aid.

Well, last night, I was super tired and decided one would not do, so I took two of the little pills.

Apparently it did knock me out, however, I was still “awake”.

I awoke to an Instagram post that I have absolutely no memory of posting. I not only posted I hastagged the living daylights out of the thing. Correctly.

After finding that little surprise, I decide to have a look at Facebook. Well, apparently I was content with posting on Instagram, I also posted a video on Facebook.

Once again zero memory of looking the video up, zero memory of posting it, zero memory of writing about it.

In light of finding these things I will not be taking two of the pills again. Or, if I do, I will hide my phone first.

Today was an odd day, I found out a man died, not only died, he died in his car.

Ok, so this did not happen in my building, it was another building. The man left work yesterday, got in his car, started it and died. He just died! With his car running and the driver’s door open.

And he stayed there, dead, for over 10 hours! No one discovered him for over 10 hours! There is security in that building, they are supposed to make rounds, walk around the parking lot.

No one noticed a car, with the driver’s door open, with a dead man for over 10 hours?

This is what is going to happen to me, I can just sense it, I will die and just sit there. Until rigor mortis sets in.

This is truly horrifying; I cannot begin to imagine what his family is feeling.

Of course this brings back the thought that if I died, who would find me? How long would it take them to figure out I was dead? Would it be days? Would I sit there? Or, what if I died in my sleep. Would work notice? Or would I just be written up for no call, no show? Then fired in absentia.

These are the things I think of in my spare time, and sometimes not spare time.

In the advent of my death, I am happy to say I have done nothing I am embarrassed for my children to find out. Online or in life. I know several people that is not the case, I wonder if they would do things differently if they had a moral compass. If they thought before they acted. What if they died in a car and no one noticed? Would they be embarrassed by certain emails, Facebook messages or text messages?

Probably not, those people don’t have a thought for others, so their children probably don’t matter them much either.

So if I die in a car, please come find me, if I don’t call and don’t show up for work, please come find me.

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