A Common Theme

I saw this video on Facebook, that was shared by a friend, of course, otherwise I wouldn’t have seen it. It was a woman that never viewed herself as beautiful, never viewed herself as worthy. A makeup artist and a photographer took her and gave her a makeover, and even though, yes, the makeup and clothes were nice. It was the light in her eyes that gave her the real beauty.

My mother used to say that true beauty, real beauty, starts on the inside and works its way out. The say is said for ugliness. I know I have shared that thought before, but this video really reminded me of my mother and the mental image I have of her telling me that.

Granted she told me that due to the fact I was an incredibly vain and self-centered teen at the time (is there any 16-year-old girls that aren’t that way?). At the time I really blew it off, thinking what did I need inner beauty for when I obviously had outer beauty.

The older I became the more the words resonated with me, especially as my looks begin to fade. Also as I meet women who are not beautiful on the inside, and you can see it forming on their faces.

I also see the real beauty of the women who are truly beautiful on the inside and it does shine out of them. It radiates, beyond the physical, when you look at someone and see who they are on the inside it defines who you are.

I am not perfect on the inside, however, the thing I strive for is truth, morality, justice and the American way, sorry had to add that in. No, seriously, always doing the right thing, even when no one is looking is tantamount for me. It always has been, my entire life, I was taught that at a young age.

My grandfather, who was my constant companion from birth to the age of 5, talked about always doing the right thing. He talked about biblical truths, he talked about men and women who had fought for our country and had done the right thing. He talked about the first of our people to come to America and how he had done the right thing.

He talked about his parents, his grandparents, he extoled their virtues and even told of their weaknesses. Our family has an awesome temper, by awesome I mean fearful, and we want justice when we are, what’s the phrase, oh done wrong.

My mother taught me that you have to rise above the anger and the getting even phase, you have to work your way through it to the other side without actually exacting vengeance. That’s a tough one.

But having true beauty from the inside out means not exacting the vengeance and allowing God to take care of it. No, that does not mean pray God will smite the other person, it means allowing God to work in your life and praying He works in theirs.

That is the hardest lesson of all, praying for people that have done horrible things to you. Sometimes you have to fake it till you make it, I tell God all the time, I really don’t know how sincere this is, but….

I believe He laughs at my words, but He knows I am working on it.

I really want to have the same light my mother had in her eyes, the same radiating joy and love for all things.

The video shows that woman had that light.

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