Ok, so, on Facebook, where I find fascinating things, a woman, not a friend, posted a meme. Not any old meme, one that said something to the effect that a man should find a woman that can pay her own bills and is self-sufficient. 

My jaw dropped, not due to the message, but the one posting it. One should really not post things of that nature if one regularly asks men to pay their bills. 

A few days prior to that post she had just asked a man to pay her water bill. What was the wording she used, oh yes, “I’d be ever so humbled if you could see your way to giving me some money”. 

Seriously? Women like this give all of the real working women who have never asked a man that is not Living with them,  engaged to them or married to them for money to pay their bills. 

If I have needed extra money to pay for anything I simply went to work and sold more Mary Kay. Mary Kay payed for all three of my children’s class rings. Hard work enabled me to buy refrigerators, furniture, extra books or anything else we might need. 

This is not the first time I have heard of women doing this. It’s seriously disheartening in this day and age women still do this. Especially when they have jobs, yes people, this woman is employed! And has no small children!! 

If you are one of these women learn to budget, live within your means and stop begging men for money. 

I’ll never understand these women, of course I was raised by good, Christian parents. Maybe she wasn’t, maybe her mother behaves in the same way, men in and out, married men, engaged men, giving money for services rendered. Perhaps that’s where she learned that behavior. 

I had parents that taught me to stand on my own to feet, work for what I have, pay bills first, then food, then what is left over is for children’s clothing or whatever else is needed. If there’s anything after that, well, that was my book fund. 

Ruth’s are far and few apart, If you have a choice, choose to do the right thing. Lift other women up, don’t beg for money, get a job, a second job and if that doesn’t do it get a third. 

After my divorce, before my job at the major telecommunications corporation, I worked three jobs and went to school full time. Never asked a man for money to pay my water bill. Interesting. 

As always, if you have an issue with the views expressed here, remember, it’s not called Angie World for nothing.

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