Patriotism runs deep in my blood, I know I talk about that a lot, but it is worth repeating. Thomas Testerman fought for the independence of this country from England. We fought a revolution to throw off the tyrannical rule of a mad man. Mad King George, that was the moniker he was known by.
Unreasonable taxes were levied, unreasonable demands made, the ruler wanted to impose his empirical laws on a part of the world that was increasingly independent. That independence is what contributed to the making of this country.
I am going to choose to celebrate that instead of making this a political statement on what is happening today in this country.
Of the 56 men who signed the Declaration of Independence 48 were born on American soil, 48, let that sink in. only 8 were born in Great Britain. Gwinnett Button and Robert Morris were born in England, Francis Lewis was born in Wales, James Wilson and John Witherspoon were born in Scotland, George Taylor and Matthew Thornton were born in Ireland and James Smith hailed from Northern Ireland.
The amount of people in this country that believe no one lived here until the Revolution astounds me. I am doing research on my grandmothers’ family and I am in the 1600’s and I still can’t find when they came here! They were born here!
Yes, I know, the Native Americans were here first, the Vikings were here as well, which is when I suspect her family first showed up.
We have been around for a long time; we have been through incredibly trying times together. Outside forces want us to implode, we cannot allow them to win.
At this time of the year patriotism should be at its highest, in light of the horrible things that have been done to our fellow countrymen, patriotism should be at an all-time high.
Our founding fathers were correct, all men are created equal, all people are created equal.
It is what we do with the opportunity The United States of America affords us. All of us.
As we are having our picnics, our cookouts, barbecues and watching fireworks, let us think of the men and women that bravely gave everything they had so we could have our freedoms.
From the Revolution to today, the bravery of the few keep the multitudes of us free, free to enjoy our unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.
Never forget how and why we have those rights.

As always the thoughts and opinions expressed are mine, Angie, that’s why it’s called Angie World.
Any questions please feel free to email me

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