Here I sit, contemplating my words, should I measure my speech or go all out? All out it is. 

I really never thought I would get to write this, for 34 years this day has caused me deep grief. Today it gives me great joy. 

Happy Birthday Stacy,

34 years ago today I thought I had given up all rights to tell you happy birthday. To tell you that your birth was not a cause for pain but a reason for celebrating. 

The pain this day used to cause me was not due to you being born but being separated from you. 

I know without a doubt I made the right decision, allowing a stable, steady couple raise you. The thought never stemmed the missing you, especially on this day. 

I’m incredibly fortunate that you chose to seek me out when you were older. I’ll be forever grateful you did. 

I’m proud of the adult you are, even though I played no part in getting you there. 

You’re a great human, an amazing mother and an incredible woman. 

Happy Birthday!! 


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