Open Letter to Jude Deveraux

So, I was on Facebook, were we know all the best stuff is, sometimes I wonder if my sarcasm comes across in my writing. Anyway, that was sarcasm.
My favorite author, Jude Deveraux, has a fan page on Facebook, she interacts regularly, keeping all of her loyal fans updated on what she is working on and even sharing her travel adventures with us. She is very open on the page about her writing process and even her dealings with her publishing house and editors.
I find it fascinating, that look into the publishing world and how it works and how an editor has the power to just rip into someone’s artistic process and demand changes that are not within the storyline.
Reading her posts, I often wonder why E. L. James didn’t have such an editor, or even a grammar checker. I digress.
Recently Ms. Deveraux shared her frustrations with her new editor, valid frustrations, the new editor is either not familiar with her work, fan base or her status in the romance writing field, but she was way off base with the changes she wanted her to make.
I say this, as I have read every single book this woman has written and the changes would not have made sense, as the book is part of a series, and it would not have been anything that was a fun read.
Well, it seems the internet trolls had to rear their ugly heads and had harsh things to say to my favorite author. Instead of addressing them, I would like to write an open letter to my favorite author.

Dear Ms. Deveraux,

I want to tell you how much I love your writing, your books have transported me to the 1600’s and back again to modern times. I have time traveled, I have experienced opera singing in the 1800’s, I have gotten a glimpse into the rough and tumble world of gangster life in the 1920’s. I have lived vicariously through your writings for years.
I often wonder what has happened to the characters after the book ends, the mark of a truly good writer I might add. However, you have given us a look at certain characters and what happens to them, in Sweet Liar we saw Dougless from A Knight in Shining Armor was pregnant with her first child. In your latest book, The Girl from Summer Hill, we get to see more of Kit Montgomery, he’s one of my favorites and has made appearances in several of your books.
I love the interactions of the Taggert’s and Montgomery’s, the way the families intertwine and how it all started in The Raider.
I want to travel to Warbrooke, Maine to Chandler, Colorado and Lanconia, I want to go to all of the fictional homes, cities and countries where the characters are from that you write about.
Your works have gotten me through a divorce, the death of my father, my mother and through countless other happenings in my life.
I hope the thoughtless, rude words of a few will not outweigh the many who thoroughly enjoy your writings, your words, your characters.
As soon as one of your books hit the market I have to have it, I want it in hardback, I cannot wait for paperback and I do not enjoy an e-reader. I want to hold the book in my hand and turn the pages. When I first started reading you there was no Amazon or even a Barnes and Noble. I went to the local bookstore where I live and I would pre-order you. It got to the point to where the owner of the store would call me as soon as they got word of your drop date. And they would save my copy for me to come and pick it up. Alas that bookstore is no more, but I still have my fond memories of it.
There are only four authors that I buy in hard back, you are my number one.


Angie (a major fan)

As usual, if anyone has any thoughts or comments they do not want to say on my site you can email me at

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