Xena Warrior Princess Moment

It finally happened, I got excited to be in the gym, for a moment. Vincent comes out and tells us to grab a pvc pipe. It was not a hugely round one, just the right circumference for fighting.
I got all excited, I said are we going to fight? Vincent says yes, I thought finally, all those years watching Xena Warrior Princess is going to a pay off!
He then crushed my dream and said no, not really.
I’m thinking it would serve them right if I showed up in a Xena costume tomorrow to work out. I’m at the age where the crazy things I think of doing would be considered eccentric. Of course being eccentric requires a substantial amount of money, otherwise one is just old fashioned crazy. Unless you’re from the south, we are allowed a certain amount of crazy, not quite sure a Xena costume falls in that realm, but definitely worth a shot.
Sallie Ann then said I should get two of them and take them and sword fight with Tessa. I was appropriately placated.
We then did something called a dead bug with them, I tried to tell Vincent I have never seen a dead bug with a pvc pipe, but he didn’t listen.
It is the beginning of my Birthday week, I have decided to give this birthday the somberness it deserves. In other words none at all.
53 is nothing to sneeze at, I have earned 53, I have lived through a lot. I intend to embrace my age and experience and put it to work for me.
This will be the year I realize some of my dreams, I’m not saying here, yet. But know that they are not for the faint of heart.
Who knows, I may finally even get to professionally stalk Dean Cain.
Now wouldn’t that be something, to get paid to stalk Dean Cain. I could do that all day. I honestly don’t think that is going to happen but a girl can dream.
This will be the year I will finally be skinny, yes, I said it, skinny. I like skinny, so the ones that say oh be healthy, leave me alone.
This will be the year Tess is really convinced I am Wonder Woman.
This is also the end of my love affair with Starbucks, I am officially a fan of Black Rifle Coffee. I only wish they had coffee shops set up, maybe this will be their year to do that.
I am signing off now, I am exhausted after no fighting and Vincent stepping up our reps.

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