Product Reviews

I have been on a new product kick lately, so I thought I would share my thoughts on a few of them with you.
First up is Mary Kay Timewise Repair Revealing Radiance Peel. This is not one for the faint of heart, it is for anyone who wants a more radiant, youthful skin revival. I loved it, just a hint, do not use in the morning, use in the evening, I paired it with the Extra-Emollient night cream. It worked fantastically. It tingled and had a slight burn feel, not bad, not compared with other peels I’ve tried and nothing like I’ve experienced in a facialists chair. My face did peel afterward, but the Extra-Emollient night cream assisted with that.
After using it, I wanted to do a really good scrub on my face to assist in getting off the dead skin cells. I will be honest here, since Mary Kay did away with their classic skin care sets, they don’t have a really good mask. I have tried the botanical option and don’t really care for it. It’s good if you need a good mask for adding moisture, I highly suggest it for that. But for my purposes in exfoliating the skin, I wanted something a little more harsh.
Since I had a coupon, Target Cartwheel app and Ibotta, I decided to give St Ives Apricot Oil Scrub a try, with all of the above it only cost me a dollar. Not bad. I liked it, a lot, my face not only felt freshly scrubbed, being oil based it added moisture back in. Which brings me to my next item, I received a coupon to get the Gillette Fusion men’s razor for free. I’ve never used a razor made specifically for a man before. Since it was free, it was for me, I am happy to report I am completely delighted by this product. I would even pay full price for it the next time I need to replace my razor. I decided to pair the razor with the St Ives on my legs and under my arms. I know, a lot of information, but that is the places we women shave. I was blown away by the close shave I received, also, for once, no nicks on my knees. I was amazed, and delighted and so very happy with the Gillette coupled with the St Ives Apricot Oil Scrub.
Last on my list is the Mary Kay Acne Treatment Gel, not used in a typical manner. I was getting a sty on my eye and was looking in the mirror thinking I really don’t want to go to the dr. The last time I had one of these was several years ago, and it was a mess. The ointment on my eye, the heat packs, the thing oozing, just grossness.
Anyway, I was looking in my mirror thinking what can I do, I looked down and saw the Mary Kay Acne Treatment Gel and a lightbulb literally turned on above my head.
I put some on the sty, just a word of warning here, this is not for the unsteady hand. You do not want to get this in your eye. I covered the sty with the gel and went to bed. When I woke the next morning, the sty was completely gone. Worked like a charm.
Those are my product reviews for now, I hope you all enjoy and if you have not downloaded the Ibotta app and the Cartwheel app, well, if you love saving money, do so, quickly.

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