To My Cousins

Today is equal parts sorrow and joy, sorrow for my cousins as they have had to say goodbye to one of the best mothers anyone could have. Great joy because now she is free from pain both physical and emotional. I say emotional because I know she has been in mourning since her husband, my uncle JH passed. She is now with him once again.
I can see it as clear as I can see the room in front of me, Aunt Laura Fay running up to the gates of Heaven, telling Saint Peter hello and waiting impatiently for the gates to open to grant her entrance.
Standing in front of the throne of God, His arms outstretched telling her welcome home my good and faithful daughter. Then chuckling as He watches her run down the streets of gold into the arms of her beloved. Then turning to hard hug her son. She is free, free from pain, free from worry, free from worldly concerns. She is reunited with people she has been missing for so long.
I am so sorrowful for my cousins, I know the pain of losing the best mother, I know many of our cousins do, we were all so fortunate to have some of the best mothers on earth.
We all love our Aunt Laura Fay and will be there for our cousins, mourning with them, rejoicing with them and saying goodbye with them.
I loved her non-nonsense way of speaking, she told it exactly like she saw it and didn’t mince words. But she doled that out with kindness and in a loving manner. She wasn’t rough about it, she lived through tough times and really knew how to pull through those times with one’s soul intact.
My cousins did not gain an angel, they gained an intercessor in heaven. They gained a saint waiting for them to join her at the feet of God.
Today I mourn and rejoice for a life well lived.

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