Meal-Prep and Other Stuff

With all of the hate spewing these days, and it is spewing and mainly coming from one side. The losing side, sad, that’s what it is, completely sad.
Anyway, with all of that I have decided to not give any space to it, I will instead tell you about my food prep experience.
I have never prepped for the week ahead, I always wing it and I always fall short of my goals. So, I decided I was not going to wing it this following week and prepare my meals ahead of time.
I am currently making a lemon pepper chicken, for salads and for protein in my meals. I am also making a spaghetti squash concoction that includes eggplant, mushrooms, garlic, onion, turkey meatballs and marinara sauce. I am also making a quinoa, brown rice dish along with salads for the week.
For breakfasts, I will be using my new microwave egg cooker that I bought from Pampered Chef. Best thing ever! I am in love with poached eggs cooked in this thing, if you find yourself short on time, go see my friend Alanna, I’ll put her website at the bottom of this post. She is a Pampered Chef consultant and she will hook you up! She recommended this thing to me and I love it.
I’ll let you know how the meal prep goes after today, I already sliced my finger while I was doing the chicken, the first thing that ran through my head was “Save the liver.” Bonus points if you know where that is from.
I am not a cook, I’ve never been one, I think one needs patience to be one.
The only thing I have patience for is reading and writing. I love to write, everything. I have notebooks filled with things I would never put here. Why you as, good question, I am not one of those people that feel the need to spew their life all over the internet. Some things should be perfectly private.
I had a great birthday, I have amazing children, however that is not a surprise. It took hard work, diligence and never slacking in the parenting department.
Raising good adults requires good parenting, I was not the perfect parent, I did what I thought was best for them. You see eventually you will be unleashing these humans into the gen-pop of the world. I wanted them to be productive members of society. I wanted them to know that anything worth having in life was worth the hard work to get it.
I wanted them to know I would always be there for them even as adults. I wanted them to know that I am their biggest cheerleader, that I will not hinder their abilities but encourage them. I would also be a critic when I need to be one.
I believe you shouldn’t lie to your kids, you should tell them when they are bad at something and encourage them in the things they are good at.
I love my children more than anything on earth, God really did know what He was doing when He entrusted these three in my care. I hope He looks at them and is proud of the work I did with them.

As promised Alanna’s website, give it a look, shop, ask questions, she is very responsive. FYI, I get nothing out of this, she just happens to be a dear friend and if I can give her credit for a product I love I will do it.

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