Smoothie Update

As you have all ascertained from recent posts I am doing meal prep in order to get a handle on my eating habits. Ramp up my protein intake and also the amount of greens I am ingesting.
Over a week ago, Ray (owner of Infinity Personal Training, along with his wife Amy) posted a video. The video was the answer to the question he is most asked. What is the one thing one can do consistently to lose weight.
His answer was a morning smoothie, not just any smoothie, it is one filled with greens and protein. I’ll break it down for you, this is what I put in mine:
2 servings of protein powder, I use plant based protein as I like that the best. No after taste that whey has.
1 cup of frozen blueberries, I use Kirkland brand organic wild blueberries
1 cup of frozen strawberries, also Kirkland brand organic.
2 huge handfuls of power greens, also bought at Costco. Literally named powergreens.
32 ounces of water
1 banana.
A lot of sugar, not for the diabetic, but it is all fruit, so I am ok with it.
I said I would try it for 7 days and report how it went, now this was in replacement of coffee in the morning as well.
So, instead of starting my day with my beloved coffee, I started with this concoction.
A week ago, today was my first day, I found my blender wasn’t optimum for the full amount, so I broke it down into two different smoothies then combined for one giant one.
The first day I noticed I wasn’t craving caffeine, I didn’t even get the caffeine headache I was expecting.
Monday was great as well, I didn’t really notice any differences.
Tuesday brought the caffeine headache, had coffee in the afternoon to stave off. Also after my workout I was craving another smoothie, I began to have another in the evening for dinner. This one was different, I only used one serving of protein powder and used antioxidant blend of frozen fruit. Once again, gotten at Costco. I also didn’t use the powergreens I used Green Superfood, watermelon flavor.
By Wednesday I noticed increased energy and my mood was amazing, I was happy, like obnoxiously happy, like my old self. Does anyone remember her?
I have seen many benefits from this, I will continue having the smoothie for breakfast. It has made my meal prep so easy, I baggy up the ingredients for one day in one baggy, I do 7 days at a time. The only thing that does not go in the bag is the banana and the protein.
Also, my evening smoothie, I believe I will trade out the banana for an avocado, as I need the healthy fat intake.
I highly suggest trying this, it really did make a difference for me, in helping me get the appropriate amount of greens and protein in my diet.

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