FasciaBlaster Review

Ok, so, I told you about my smoothie adventure, and yes, it is continuing. I am very proud of my continuing commitment to this and how I have stuck with it. I even ran out of protein powder!! I had to make an emergency run to get more!
Back in February I made a birthday purchase for myself. I purchased it on the recommendation of Amy, one of the owners of Infinity Personal Training and my friend Sallie Ann. They both raved about it, Sallie Ann said girl you have to get one.
So, I did, it is a Fascia Blaster by Ashley Black, and when I tell you it works, it works. I really got it because I have seriously ugly legs and my calves are rock hard and hurt when touched. Also, my balance is bad and I have very little flexibility.
I received it late December and started using it right away. Within a week, I noticed a difference in my balance, it is getting better and my hips no longer hurt like they did. Also, my calves are loosening up and are no longer rock hard and hurt to the touch.
Now, the downside is I look like I took a walk on the docks and they beat the living daylights out of me.
I have so many bruises it is unreal, but that is normal in the early stages of using this tool. I am very happy with it so far.
I had Amy take pictures of my calves, so I can compare after a full month. I will not be posting those, I don’t post pictures of my body parts anywhere.
If anyone ever tells you that they have pictures of me without clothing, they are lying and there is major photo shopping going on.
If they used someone with a really gorgeous body, I need those photos as I am horrible with Photoshop and could use them.
Other than that, you will not see anything of mine here or anywhere else.
As far as the Fascia Blaster goes, buy one, well worth the expense. I am feeling better as far as pain goes and my calves are looking and feeling better.
Buy the book first and read up on what fascia is and how it effects our bodies. I am learning a lot.
I added the avocado to my evening smoothie and I am not sorry, so thick and creamy and very filling. I am finally getting enough calories, greens and protein in my life and I love it.
My body doesn’t trust me anymore with all of my yo-yo dieting and abuse I have put it through. But it is getting there. It is slow going but I am in it for the long haul, and I do mean long. I plan on living until I am 150. I really hope Dean Cain is alive then because I think if I live that long I might be able to catch him…..
As usual, any comments or questions can be sent directly to me at angie@angieworld.com

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