Secret Single Behavior

It has been a lovely time off of work, I have one more day then back at it. I have had 4 days off in a row, without taking vacation time.
I received my twenty year anniversary gift from the major telecommunications corporation I work for, I opted the smart blu-ray player. Alex and Elicia gave me a tv they were not using, so it was perfect for the bedroom.
I am not going to get regular tv in there, I will stick with Netflix and my DVD collection.
I have been in my new abode for over a month now, I have to say how surprised I was at how fast my secret single behaviors reappeared. I first heard that term on an episode of Sex and the City. Carrie was right we all have them. What is that you might ask, well, I’m glad you did, the first one is sleeping in the middle of the bed. That one is lovely, I forgot how good it feels to just stretch out.
Leaving my books in my bed, I love to read, I read everywhere and being able to just leave my books where I read them is nice.
Waking up in the morning and singing at the top of my lungs to the dog. Not to mention doggie dancing, she and I dance and the cat looks at us like we are insane. We probably are. Rock and Roll Love Letter is our favorite.
Walking around with a charcoal mask is also awesome, nothing says single like walking around with a mask on. That explains Batman as well.
Eating popcorn for dinner, if there are any trainers reading this, I totally don’t do that…..
Stormie loves her new backyard, it is very literally quadruple the size of her former one. she loves lapping, also Ronald loves going outside as well.
He likes hiding from me, his favorite thing to do is go out in the mornings when I am getting dressed. Then when it is time to come in, he hides behind the air conditioner. Little stinker.
I find him, carry him in and lay him on his unofficial throne, I assume he lords it over Stormie all day long. That he gets a throne and she gets a kennel.
It is a 28 mile drive to work now, I have to say, I enjoy the drive. I love listening to the radio in the mornings. I now get to listen to it a little longer.
The first week back at the gym almost killed me. I do believe Mike and Vincent made it their mission to see who could kill me the most. I’m not sure who won, I was sore all week, I sounded like my grandpa getting up and down out of chairs.
Then, on Thursday night, I remembered I have my Fascia Blaster, so I used it on my sore muscles and boom, just like that, pain gone.
Amazing product.
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