Product Review Maria Kang’s Belly Ball

I have to put a disclaimer on this before I begin, I have been doing a few product reviews lately. First off, I am not paid to do the reviews and all of the products I have reviewed I have bought or have received a free sample in the mail.
Having said that, let’s get started on my review of Maria Kang’s Belly Ball.
Now I have been eyeing this for roughly a year, I have been intrigued and have wanted this product. The next bit may be a little TMI for some folks, however, I want to keep this as honest as possible.
For years I have suffered with bloating and stomach aches, no matter what I do seems to alleviate it.
Now, some things do cause it, sugar, dairy, things like that. However, even eliminating the offenders doesn’t get rid of the issue completely. I can start out with a flat stomach and by the end of the day I look around 4 months pregnant. It’s painful in more than one way.
I follow Maria Kang on Social Media, I really enjoy her Instagram posts. Well, she talks about the Belly Ball a lot. It is her own invention and really does use it.
It is no secret that I am a huge fan of Maria’s, if you will recall she is the No Excuse mom. She received a lot of flack for the picture she posted with her, looking amazing, with her three sons, the caption, What’s Your Excuse.
I have said it before, I’ll say it now, I wish someone like her had been around when my kids were little. I yo-yo dieted for years, never really understanding nutrition. Until about 6 years ago, then I really began to understand protein, grains, vegetables and how they all played a part. Also refined sugar, so bad for you, anyway, I bought the Belly Ball.
It is an amazing little thing, the first night I used it I felt instant relief from the bloating pain. Now, I am a user of foam rollers and the FasciaBlaster, I am used to hitting spots that are painful and need to be worked out. I have never hit a spot on my abdomen like I did with the Belly Ball.
I love this product, I have seen and felt instant results as far as alleviating the pain and the embarrassment of the bloating issue.
I do believe that the Belly Ball as it exists now is being discontinued, so you will need to hurry. I have already convinced one of my friends to buy it. She also has had a good experience with it.
I highly recommend this product for all women who have digestion issues.
Once again, I was not paid for this review and I paid the full price for the Belly Ball, well no, that is a lie. I had a discount code that I used.
Any questions or complaints can be directed to

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