Hello, I’m Angie

Do you ever just look in a mirror and think wow, God does really good work. Just me? Seriously? You should try it sometime, does wonders for your self-esteem.
So, I have a giant pet peeve, I really can’t hold it in any longer, something happened a few days ago and it really is bothering me.
There are very few people that get to call me Angela, it’s a handful of people. I hate it when people call me Angela that do not have permission to do so.
Angie, that is my name, it has been my name since I was 12, you see when my mother acquired me, she looked at me and said Angela is a snob name and you are not a snob (wishful thinking on her part) I’m going to call you Angie. Henceforth I have been Angie. Looking back I do believe it was her way of getting to name her daughter. Since she didn’t have that luxury when I was born.
So Angie I became, I have since become the embodiment of an Angie if you will.
To the person who started me off on this tangent, I have known you since the 8th grade. We have drank together, we popped Dexatrim together, we pretended to look for jobs together. You called me Angela? Seriously? It’s as if we never knew one another.
I am offended, disgusted, disheartened and dismayed and downright insulted.
You never knew me as Angela, ever, so why resort to it now? It’s like you wanted everyone to think you really didn’t remember me. Oh, wow, maybe that is for the best, scratch the Dexatrim reference. I’ll pretend I don’t remember you as well.
Ok, all of those reactions might be a bit of an exaggeration, however, I am a wee bit, ok, not a wee bit, a lot bit pissed off.
It’s like when one of my nephews does it, ok, one did it, so obvious it wasn’t him thanking me for the birthday wishes. It was his wife, that I’ve never met, therefore she really doesn’t know my name. Next time just don’t answer if you don’t know my name.
Angie, how hard it that?
I think I prefer the Angie due to the fact it’s what my mom named me. That is not to say the ones I allow to call me Angela aren’t allowed to. They are, they know who they are, and they know that I am perfectly ok with them calling me that. It is between me and them.
But to the rest of you, allow me to introduce myself: Hello, my name is Angie.
In my defense of this rant I’ve had a lot of caffeine in the form of Black Riffle Coffee.

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