Run Away!

There is an episode of Gilmore Girls where Lorelai laments that the Lorelai look is over. I so totally commiserate with this, the Angie look is over. I literally cannot find clothes I love anymore.
I love a good boot cut jean that sits a little low in the waist, not super low, just below the belly button. Shirts fitted, always fitted, I am not into loose, I never have been. No matter my size, I might add.
With the rise in skinny jean popularity Angie style has gone the way of the dinosaur. I hate skinny jeans, just FYI, I feel like I am an encased sausage. I love a good flare with super high heels. I actually look like I have long legs, I look good! I have a ton of shoes to go with that look.
Now, I do like a good pair of jeans tucked into boots in the winter as well, only a skinny jean can pull that look off. Otherwise the ankles on the boots look like you have cankles. Not a good look people!
If anyone finds any Angie jeans please let me know, do a friend a favor. A fashion favor, as it were.

Today was a great day, I am going to start a cleanse, using essential oils and minerals. I will also be going back to the 3 in 30, you know, absolutely no grains, no dairy and no processed sugar. All for thirty days, also no eating out, as it is just too hard to do while on this. I will begin on Sunday and will report back.
Fair warning to all of my friend and family, the first week I will not be pleasant. I will be grouchy and snarly, I will bite if provoked.
The end result will be me looking amazing for my high school reunion, our 35th high school reunion, I might add.
I seriously can’t wait to see everyone and just have a good time.
Oh, speaking of, Elizabeth Anne is making fun of me for saying that I traveled with my coffee maker. I see nothing wrong with this, I love my coffee and love my coffee maker, I have whole coffee beans and my coffeemaker grinds them before making the coffee. It is fresh and amazing, every single time. Why would I leave that at home? It is one of the loves of my life, for my cleanse, though, I have to give it up. No coffee for thirty days, I don’t even comprehend what I have agreed to.
No coffee, I know I only drink coffee on my days off now, but that is literally 24 cups of coffee a week I am giving up. I can’t even do the math, it is too incomprehensible. Maybe I should live in a cave for a few weeks, not be around humans, humans might appreciate that.
I give up sugar all the time, then I fall off the wagon, what makes this different is I can have dark chocolate and local honey.
I can do this, I have to do this, my looks depend on it.
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