Yesterday I did the thing I look forward to all year. Christmas shopping with Elizabeth Anne. It is always an adventure, filled with thoughtful consideration of the gifts we choose for others, laughter and yelling at each other. Usually it’s the turn here really fast that brings on the yelling. It’s always an adventure shopping with Elizabeth Anne.

I am almost done shopping, just a couple more things then stocking stuffers. Yes, my grown children still get stockings. They look forward to them, I look forward to filling them.

We moved desks at work, not a huge deal, except for the fact that I really enjoyed sitting by my old group. I am positive I will enjoy my new one as well. Some old friends in this one as well as new. Always an adventure and learning experience.

They had put my desk in the very front row, stressful as a certain someone who shall not be named is being moved to my floor. My desk would have been on the beaten path, as it were.

One of my amazing coworkers talked to my manager. Yes, I know, I should have, but being on a new team I didn’t want to be demanding right up front. Long story short, she moved me to the back, it’s all good in the hood now.

I am so ready for Christmas. I can hardly wait to spend time with my beautiful family.

I hope everyone likes their presents. That’s the iffy part, if they haven’t specifically told me what they want.

Oh! Oh Emm Gee!! Ok, so, Jeffrey’s fiancĂ©’s oldest daughter, likes OU! She is officially my favorite! I can’t wait for her to open her present!

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