Go Owasso Rams, Take State!

I know I promised a review of Bitchie Belles, however I was sidetracked by Janet Evanovich’s latest offering. I haven’t laughed so hard reading a book since her last one.

Recently, several people, accused me of romanticizing Owasso, I plead guilty. Oh and this accusation will not change my romanticizing in the least. Just a public service announcement. Why is this important you ask yourself? well, let me tell you, my beloved Owasso Rams are in the State playoffs tonight, against Union.

I know, I don’t watch sports, but I do cheer for my teams, Owasso Rams, OU Sooners, OKC Thunder, I believe you get the point. I am a true hometown girl, no, homestate girl. I love my home state and will cheer for them all, I really hope the Rams win. Since yesterday was my Friday and it is Red day at work, I wore one of my Rams shirts. Today I will wear the other one. Showing support in this way is the very least I can do.

Let’s get back to the romanticizing of a town I haven’t lived in since 1987. Why do I do it, you might wonder, or not, I’m still going to tell you.

I do it because it was the place I finally had real parents, a mom and a dad who taught me so much. Who gave that unconditional parental love, which I had never had, yes, I had my grandparents, my great-aunt Effie and my many cousins and a host of aunts and uncles, but that does not replace that parental love.

I found a best friend that is literally my best friend for life, she and I are more like sisters than any bond I can imagine. Through thick and thin, miles apart and yes sometimes years without contact. The internet is an awesome thing and allows us to keep in contact way more. Through it all, that friendship remains intact, Owasso gave me that, something I cannot discount.

Owasso is the place I truly learned about God’s grace and forgiveness, I learned to be myself, my whole nerdy, geeky self.

I wouldn’t be the person I am without Owasso in my life, I shall romanticize that until the day I leave this earth. Then I will tell God all about it, He might be bored, because He already knows. The whole omniscient thing, He has that.

I can credit Owasso for me being the way I am, so if any of you have a problem with me, call the city of Owasso and tell them.

In other news, Christmas decorating is in full effect in this home, I am so excited, I have me and my fake boyfriend on the tree. If you follow me on Instagram or FB you can see us, together, hanging out, on the Christmas tree. We make such a cute couple, me as a snowperson, him in his Superman costume. So cute.

As usual, if you have any comments, feel free to leave it here or send it to me at angie@angieworld.com.

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