Happy Anniversary Foy and Odela

January 13, one of my favorite days of the year, why, you ask, well I’m glad you did. It is the day that started everything, January 13, 1934, Foy and Odela went to the Justice of the Peace and promised in front of God and everyone to love, honor, be faithful, loyal and remain true to one another for a life time.

That they did, with a dignity and grace that is rarely seen these days. I know I have a tendency to romanticize things from my childhood, but these are the two humans I don’t have to exaggerate or give them qualities that they didn’t possess.

They were and continue to be my model for what true, romantic love looks like. They were the epitome of sharing, caring, laughter, love and discipline. They were truly perfect in my eyes, they always will be.

They lived through some of the hardest times this country has ever seen and came out without any bitterness or anger. They loved this country fiercely, just as fiercely as they loved one another.

My parents didn’t have to adopt me, they chose to, it was a daunting task, taking in a pre-teen with a bad attitude. They did, the attitude changed, the stubbornness did not, They told me they had no regrets, I believe them, the last words my mother ever said to me was I had been the best surprise.

I miss them every day of my life.

Today, on what would be their 84th anniversary, I know that it is truly special as they now have their youngest son with them to celebrate. I have said before, I don’t believe they are looking down on me and their other children left here on earth. Some things would make them sad, and there is no sadness in heaven, and trust me, those two are in heaven. There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that my parents ended up anywhere else.

So there they are, in heaven, having a coconut cake to celebrate. My brother is there to help them eat the cake today, I know that makes the celebration that much sweeter.

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