Foy and Odela, A True Love Story

I interrupt the regularly scheduled program to let you know that today is a celebratory day. Yes, it is my parents wedding anniversary, they were married 86 years ago in Love County, Oklahoma.

I know I post every year on their anniversary and this shall be no different. I have told you how they met, their love story and things in-between. I do believe I will post the links to those prior musings below. Just for the people who are new or may want to re-read them.

My parents were the most amazing humans I have ever had the privilege of meeting. Every single day of my life I thank God for them having chosen me to be their daughter. For them to have accepted the responsibility of raising another child after theirs were grown is a heady thing. Not many people are equipped to do that, I was fortunate.

My dad was the smartest man I have ever known, he was also funny, kind, warm and gentle. My mom was the wisest woman I have ever known, she was also smart, funny, kind and generous.

Everyone they met were instantly drawn to them, they were down to earth and exuded a warmth that cannot be fabricated.

They told the truth always, my dad bluntly (a trait I inherited, osmosis, it’s a thing) my my gently (a trait I would love to have). They were giving of themselves, their time and with material things as well.

I’ve never met anyone like them before or since, they were rare and God favored them. Not with material possessions, they were a simple people, but with friends and with complete, perfect love.

I have also never seen two people more in love than those two, even after many years of marriage. They held hands, they giggled like teenagers and they read the Bible to each other every night. That is how they would end their evenings. It was and remains, the single most romantic thing I have ever witnessed.

I feel incredibly blessed to have been a small part of their lives. So happy Anniversary in Heaven Mom and Dad, I love you so much and remain grateful you chose me to be your daughter.

As promised here are the links to previous anniversary stories. I hope you enjoy them.

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