Cleanse Update

I had a dream the other night that I had a huge bathtub, I mean abnormally large. It was filled to the brim with coffee and dark chocolate, I was diving into it like Scrooge McDuck. Rolling like a pig in mud, it was heavenly, I really didn’t want to wake up, but I did. It was sad, the waking part, I think the cleanse is causing me to have hallucinations.

I started to think about it, everything we love is waiting for us in heaven, right? So, if that’s the case, I am so going to get a tub filled with coffee and chocolate, and I shall dive into it and roll around in it.

I may do that when this cleanse is over, get a pool and put it in the back yard and fill it with coffee, just roll around it in, luxuriate in it, that’s not crazy.

I don’t know what I miss more, sugar or coffee, I am going to go with coffee. After all that is how God says good morning, I love you Angie and then hugs me in the goodness that is coffee. I miss that. So. Very. Much.

Other than that I’m fine. My temporary crown fell off today, luckily I am going Friday for my permanent one. I don’t understand the whole crown in my mouth and not on my head, but whatever. It doesn’t feel great, I did call and leave voicemail, the dentist is closed today.

I’m going to go now, I am feeling very sad and I do believe I will go sniff some coffee beans to see if I can get a pseudo hug.

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