I Wanna Talk About Me

I am coming up on my one year anniversary of me finding my freedom. More like running headfirst into freedom. But nonetheless here we are, almost a year later.

I have taken that time to work on me, spiritually, emotionally, mentally and yes, physically. I needed to find out who I was again, to reconnect with God, reconnect with me. It has been filled with peace, laughter and insightfulness.

I am now doing more things for me, I got my nails done today, visited the brow threading shop and on my birthday had highlights put in my hair.

I have also discovered two items that have revolutionized my eating habits. I have a really hard time with getting enough to eat. I know, huge surprise, but there we are.

First up I bought a Ninja Blender, I’ve been wanting one for a long time. It has made my morning smoothy routine so much easier! I can finally do the whole smoothy at one time. So easy, so smooth and the cleanup is super easy. I’m in love.

The second thing has to do with dinner. A woman I work with, Michelle, was talking about her air fryer. She was coming in every day talking about fajitas, and all kinds of good things. I started asking about the air fryer, how does it work, are the foods really that good. Well, she talked this thing up so much I ordered one.

Well let me tell you she didn’t exaggerate, I am so happy I took her advise and invested in one. Steak, fish and even veggies come out perfectly. It has cut down on cooking time, I can now come home from working out, put my food in the air fryer while I jump in the shower. I get out, get dressed and boom, my food is waiting on me. I am so happy!

I think I am ready to date now, I feel fully healed from the past, I am at peace. Now, if I can only meet Dean Cain.

As usual you can comment here or email me at angie@angieworld.com.

One Reply to “I Wanna Talk About Me”

  1. You’re not only ready, you’re deserving. And through all of the trauma, you never once let it get you down! Your smiling effervescent personality gives me something to look forward to every work day! You’re an amazing lady and you deserve Dean Cain, or at least his twin! God Bless! Oh, did a baked apple this morning in the AF and tonight it’s coconut shrimp!


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