It’s been a couple of strange weeks, weather wise and otherwise here in North Texas.

I met with the owner of the gym I go to, Infinity Personal Training in Allen, Texas. Well, with one half, Ray, he asked some thought provoking questions. Ones I did not have a ready answer for, I am pretty quick on my feet, but the ones he asked were not something I was prepared for.

For example, what makes you happy Angie? Then I had to say I didn’t really believe in happiness, which I don’t, oh I am happy. Certain things make me happy, but I believe more in joy than happy. Then he asked my fitness goals, and I was all like um to be healthy. He said that’s what everyone wants and that goal is not really sustainable. Which I can see, in the long run, it is so easy to get side tracked with no definable goals.

I thought for a minute and said I want to be able to hike in Montana, Wyoming and Colorado without being winded. I want to hike in Alaska in the snow without getting tired. For hours at a time, I don’t want to go hiking for a minute, I want to go until I lose track of time.

That’s what I want, so keeping with that, Ray has decided I should run around the building after every workout. Several times. And add more calories to my daily diet, it might sound fun, but we are talking non-dairy yogurt and Epic bars, along with heartier soup. I kind of live on soup. It’s my thing. 

His questions brought up some very thought provoking points. Happiness, what is it? Is it obtainable? Sustainable? Is happiness setting short term goals in order to achieve long term goals?

I have happiness in my life, of course, every time I’m around my children I am happy. Spending time with Tessa makes me extremely happy. Seeing my children happy makes me joyous.

I believe in joy, seeing the sky with the clouds and the sun gives my soul great joy. It is a reminder that God is there, painting the sky for our pleasure. That there is an entity greater than ourselves and He loves us. Unconditionally.

That is my belief, and this is Angie World, which means I get the final say in this world. If you disagree you can have whatever you want in your world.

I am stupidly excited about my upcoming trip in October, it is going to be a blast. I have never taken a girls trip, and it being a road trip is going to be awesome! I’ll post pictures, no video, as Shay and I have decided we are going to find a karaoke place and sing ebony and ivory. No videos of me singing, ever.

I have a lot more to say, however, I am not ready to say it, not yet, maybe later. Maybe never, we’ll see.

As usual, any comments can be left here or sent to angie@angieworld.com. TTFN

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