BBFF has a GF

The following is not a paid advertisement, even though dinner was bought and adult beverage treats were consumed.

So, last night, a momentous occasion happened, there were no cameras or microphones to capture any of it.

I met BBFF’s girlfriend for the first time, I admit I was a little trepidatious before this auspicious meeting.

For two reasons:

  1. His ex-wife did not care for me.
  2. This woman is a thousand times the woman she is.

So, I was a little worried GF would not like me. I have to tell you this, my fears were allayed somewhat when she sent me a Facebook message asking if I would play a prank on BBFF with her. She had me at prank.

My fears were for naught, meeting GF was nothing short of a revelation. She is not only extremely pretty, she is smart, funny, quick on the draw and extremely warm. She is exactly who I would have chosen for BBFF.

No exaggeration, if I had met her out in public and we had spoken for any length of time I would have said, you know I have a friend you should meet.

I had the best time, we laughed so much my stomach muscles hurt the next day. I even told the Scott Baio story, in it’s full glory. She told stories of her own, funny stories of her family and herself.

We all know I am not a romantic individual, I lack in that area, but seeing them together, well they were downright cute. I do believe I am a little less jaded today than I was yesterday.

I have also succeeded in drawing her into my Dean Cain obsession. If anyone can pull off me actually meeting him, it has to be her.

Back to the prank, it was pulled off beautifully, BBFF was totally drawn in and believed what we were saying. The look on his face was so worth the effort. Then we had to tell him we were pranking him, he was beginning to believe it a little too much.

All in all it was a great beginning to what I believe will be a beautiful friendship between GF and myself. Which has to be a relief to BBFF as I will stop using him as a girl sounding board and use her instead.

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