This morning I suffered sever trauma. I may need a leave of absence to get past it.

Every morning I get up and let Stormie out, I leave the backdoor open so she can go back and forth. She always comes in and watches me put on my makeup and do my hair. She is very judgmental regarding my grooming process.

Anyway, this morning she doesn’t come in, she stays out. So I go to call her in and put her in her kennel as I have to leave. At first I don’t see her and I panic, unbeknownst to me, she snuck in and she was already in her kennel.

I turn to shut the door and I see she is acting funny, sneaky, suspicious. I make her move and there was a dead, bloody rabbit.

I scream, loudly, go get things to get the dead thing up with. I had to force her out of that kennel. She was not giving her prize up without a fight.

All this time I am screaming like someone tried to do to me what was done to that poor rabbit. I am hugely surprised the neighbors didn’t call the police. I’m pretty sure I sounded like a maniac.

So now I am traumatized and don’t even know if I can look at my Husky when I get home.

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