Foreigner 4 Answers All Questions in Life

Since this seems to be a music filled week and weekend, I will continue in that vein.

I have an ultimate favorite album of all time, yes, one, I know, unprecedented. I usually say they are all my favorite, I don’t like any of the songs to feel left out. Yet, a favorite I do have. I know I have written about this before, but I feel a need to write about it again.

In my opinion Foreigner 4 is the best album of all time, it answers every question there ever was or could be in life.

Every song on there answers a pertinent question in life. Please allow me to elaborate:

Night Life answers the age old question, day or night, what kind of person are you. Give me the night life, as in I hate the bright sun of summer. Bring on the night with the cooler temperatures. The main attraction is the moon and the stars, I am quite enamored by them. Living where I do now affords me the privilege of seeing them in all their glory.

What do you want to be when you grow up? A Juke Box Hero of course, every time I hear the song I want to go out and purchase a beat up six string. I may do that today. What could be better than that? Do they still make Juke Boxes?

Let’s say you are in a relationship, and it is not going smoothly. Break it up is the perfect song, don’t break it up, make it up. Of course if it is really going badly, then break it up. So totally break it up.

What are you waiting for? A girl like you, or more accurately, Dean Cain is waiting for a girl like me. Trust me there is no one on earth like me and he is so going to sing this song to me at our wedding.

Luanne doesn’t really make sense, I do believe Dean will change that to Angie. If you are someone else, just change the name to someone you love. Write letters you will never send. Don’t stalk though, that is illegal, unless you are me and the other person is Dean.

When do you call someone in the middle of the night? When it’s Urgent, of course. Trust me, if I had Dean Cain’s number I would call him all hours of the day. I can really feel that restraining order coming my way.

What are you going to do in life? I’m gonna win, of course, I got no time to sit and wonder. I gotta stand up, I gotta face it, I’m gonna win. Of course I am quoting the lyrics, I am so not original with this. Still, go out and win at life, whatever that looks like for you. Right now, sitting with my coffee, I am winning at life.

What to wear today? Woman in Black, question answered, there we have it, the guess work gone. Just wear black, I believe that is for men and women.

Where is your girl? Why she is on the moon, naturally, you dream of her, yet she is not reachable. Why? Because she is on the moon.

Another relationship song, Don’t Let Go, every time I think of giving up on the Dean Cain dream I recall this song. Don’t Let Go, and I don’t. Foreigner called it, every time, don’t let your pride or common sense get in the way. Just keep hanging on, eventually one will end up in a special place, with nice doctors and orderlies or will end up with the actual Dean Cain.

So there we have it folks, Foreigner 4 is a classic album that answers all of the questions for the ages.

Any questions or comments can be left here or you can reach me at

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