Current Irritations

We all know Facebook is where I find the most irritating posts, well, now Twitter has joined in. There are a few things I would like to address on both platforms.

First off, Ewan McGregor called and has asked that everyone stop trying to pass him off as Jesus. It is very flattering, however, he did not die on a cross and come back to life. He cannot promise you everlasting life, he can wield a mean lightsaber, if you need lessons he can probably arrange for that to happen. But the other, it needs to stop.

The picture of the actors from Tropic Thunder, while they do appreciate all prayers, would like everyone to stop passing them off as Vietnam Vets. You are encouraged to buy tickets to whatever current movies they are starring.

I almost feel better, but there’s one more thing on Facebook that has crawled under my skinned and burrowed around for a while.

The only Empaths are on Star Trek, there was one on the original series, as a matter of fact the name of the episode was The Empath. Season three if I am not mistaken, which I rarely am when it comes to Star Trek. She felt the emotions of others so keenly she had to live alone, isolated. If you are truly an empath, you will need to find a cave to live in.

Next was Deanna Troi, from Betazed, are you from Betazed? No? There is a good chance you are not an empath.

I took a test on Facebook, it said I was originally from Asgard. If we are to believe all tests on Facebook, let’s start with that one. I will immediately begin ruling over all humans, as we all know everyone from Asgard has some sort of power. Oh, wait, Asgard has been destroyed, amusingly enough by an Asgardian.

Facebook tests can be fun to take, but take them with a grain of salt. Please, I’m begging you, for my sanity.

Not everyone has empathic abilities and not everyone’s ex is a sociopath. I wonder if it would surprise anyone out there to learn we all have sociopathic tendencies. You can take any personality trait and make it into something bad.

Am I done with things on Facebook? Let me think….. No, one more things.

I recently watched a video of a man who did an experiment to see how many people actually read the bible.

He posted, on a page that profess to be Christian, Luke 4:7. Now for those of you who don’t know, that verse says: “If you worship me it will all be yours”. For those of you not familiar, that verse happens to be the devil talking to Jesus. Trying to tempt him while he was fasting in the wilderness. It was surprising how many people said yes Lord and clicked like, said things like amen, hallelujah, seriously people we have go to do better. Just take a minute and read the Bible and stop just clicking like. If you had read the Bible you would know God never ever promised us a life of luxury and ease for following him. As a matter of fact He promised life would be very hard, what you would get and still will get even today for following Christ is everlasting life. Eternal life. Let that sink in. My best advise is read, just read. Ok, now am I finished with Facebook….   Yes, for now, moving on to Twitter.

Someone said they were born in Texas and bred to hate Oklahoma, yes hate, such a strong word. I was born in Oklahoma and raised with the notion that Texas was our cousin. Sometimes a really ugly, bad cousin, but a cousin nonetheless, my own grandmother was born in Fort Worth. I could no more hate Texas than I could her, to hate something so deeply as this man claimed to hate Oklahoma is detrimental to ones health.

I tried to think of a state in the Union that I hated as much as he professed to hate Oklahoma. I’m still thinking, because I don’t really hate anything. Except crocs, the shoes, not the animal, liver, I really hate liver, zucchini, I’ve tried to like zucchini, I just can’t. Oh and soccer, I really despise soccer. Other than that, it’s all good in my neighborhood.

I don’t even hate any people, some I pity, some I look upon with great disdain, but I don’t hate them. I would imagine there are people who hate me, I can think of two, three, wait, 4. I think that’s it, I honestly don’t care if anyone hates me, that just hurts them not me.


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