Things I Would Change

A friend of mine posted on Facebook (of course) a provocative question, “What would you change about yourself if you could?” Well, I was all over that question, so much I would change about myself and it is all physical.

With all of the rejection I have experienced in my life I seriously see myself in a different light than I did at 16. At 16 I thought I was the cutest thing in shoe leather, it turns out I was not.

So, starting with the top of my head we’ll go in order:

Hair: I would have it be perfectly straight and super shiny, I know I could buy that, but it’s really expensive and the maintenance is exhausting. Also, I would have Jamie Finnell red hair, I know most people reading this will say what. But trust me, she had the best hair I have ever seen, it was the perfect red and try as I might I have never been able to achieve that level of perfection. No matter what dye I have tried or hairdresser, no product or professional has ever come close to her shade of red.

Moving on.

Eyes: they don’t sparkle, I have seen people who’s eyes literally sparkle. I don’t know how this happens, who decides to put that sparkle there? I know who does it, but seriously, it could have been spread out to a few others. ok, me, it could have spread to me, and it didn’t so there you have it, bitterness ensues.

Nose: where to start on that, I have a classic family trait nose, it’s enormous, it takes up my whole face. Enough said.

Mouth: I’m actually pretty happy with that feature, it is a perfect bow shape, not too big, not too small and my teeth are incredibly straight and white. Not too much to be unhappy about there.

The rest, well come on, nothing a great plastic surgeon can’t fix. Having given birth 5 times has taken it’s toll on my body and no amount of exercise and diet will change some things.

A lot of people commented they would change aching parts of their body. I am way fortunate I don’t have aches and pains and my health is stupidly healthy. My blood pressure is always 100/70 and I have no ailments other than the occasional flu, food poisoning, sinus infection and headache. So on that end all is good, my grandmother was stupidly healthy as well. We are a hardy people.

The sad part is I wish I had appreciated my looks more when I was younger. I could have really ruled the world, I was really pretty, but time has not been kind to me. I do a lot of beauty treatments and really take care of my skin. I don’t really drink alcohol, I have never smoked, that one time when I was 6 doesn’t count, I don’t do drugs and never have. So on that end I’m all good, but I really do wish God had blessed me more in the older person looks department.

So, here is my question to you, out there, what would you change about yourself if you could? Of course you can answer here, or you can email me at

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