Happy Birthday Odela

I’ve said it often and loudly, I seriously, hands down, had the best mother. Ever.

I know I say that a lot, but it’s true. Today, to honor her on what would have been her 105th birthday I am going to tell an Odela story. My mom was a quiet woman, her sense of humor was not on display for the world to see. I am taking it upon myself to share it with you.

She and my dad were walking to the garden one evening. It was on the bottom land, they had to walk down a hill, through fruit trees and over the creek to get there.

As they were going through the fruit trees my mom looked down and saw a rubber snake. Or so she thought. She looked at it and thought to herself, look at that, Foy threw that back here to scare me. I’ll show him. She scooped the snake up and threw it at my dad.

It hissed. She screamed, my dad hollered. It was a real, live snake. He said what did I do?? She said I thought it was a rubber snake. They both collapsed in laughter.

She loved little jokes, not live snake ones, but fake ones were good.

I miss her so much, I miss that humor, that soft smile and her gentle wisdom.

I know without one doubt she is having the best birthday with her daddio and now their son Jesse.

I love you mom, happy Birthday!

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