Happy Birthday Dean Cain

It was the fall of 1993 I saw an actor on a show that absolutely took my breath away. He was very literally the prettiest man I had ever seen. He still is, he is aging very well, it was a little show called Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. The actor, Dean Cain, from that day forward I said I would never date unless it was he. I should have kept that promise to myself.

It was easy to do, having made the decision to not date until my children were grown. I didn’t want to take my time away from them, they didn’t ask to be on this earth, that was mine and their father’s decision. So, when anyone asked why I wasn’t dating I would say, I’m waiting for Dean Cain.

Today is his birthday, I celebrated by watching one of his movies. The Way Home, there were tears, then happy tears and lots of Dean Screen Time. Happiness abounded in my household.

So, here I sit, once again making the proclamation that I shall not date until Dean Cain shows up. I know, insanity, I do understand that he will not show up. I’m really not insane, I know even if I met him, he would not be interested in someone of my caliber. He is still, very literally, the prettiest man on earth. He can very literally have the prettiest woman on earth. I’m not delusional enough to believe that woman is me.

I am not going to search out men to date, I am going to wait and see if God wants me to date. Or remarry. I’ve been single a long time. Since 1993, I am kind of set in my ways, very much suited to aloness.

I am not against dating, or marriage, I just don’t know if it is in my future. I’m not lonely, I am alone, and I enjoy my alone time. I am one of those people who go to the movies by myself. And I enjoy it, there are certain movies I want to see by myself before seeing them with anyone else. I know that sounds strange, but I really don’t want anyone to see me fan girl out over Star Trek or Superman, Aquaman, Wonder Woman or Loki. Some things do not need to see the light of day, and well, I plan on keeping them in the dark.

There are some things that no one ever needs to know and perhaps I need to keep them that way. But then we have Angie World and we all know I cannot seem to help myself when it comes to tell things about, well, myself.

I enjoy movies by myself, bookstores by myself and I don’t like sharing my popcorn.

That’s all I have for now, I’ll sign off with a very happy birthday wish to the man that has given me many years of entertainment. Happy Birthday Dean Cain, may you have all of the happiness you have given me over the years.

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