Today was the day, I love getting my hair done almost more than anything. There’s something about a hair change that makes you think you can take on the world.

When one has the best hair stylist ever that feeling is intensified. I am so happy I decide to try a stylistic Ulta. I found Kaitlynd and that was it. She is amazing, not only does she understand what I want when I vaguely say long layers and low lights, she makes it happen.

Whenever I get up from her chair I feel amazing and like I can conquer the world. Also she makes the time fly, as any woman who gets color can tell you, it is a long process. Kaitlynd is a great conversationalist and fun to talk to. I do believe I told her my whole life story and she didn’t blink.

She had a lot of food insights to the Owasso donkey and she is also keto. So we talked food and coffee additives as well.

So in conclusion, I feel pretty. And really isn’t that the mark of a good stylist? To make their clients feel the best when they get up from the chair and walk out the door.

My weekend is closing, back to work tomorrow for me. My bed is calling, goodnight and may you all find a good hair stylist.

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