Star Trek Enterprise

I have questions, so many questions, so I am watching Star Trek Enterprise and there are so many questions.

First, time traveling Suluban’s, what??? What is that? And it’s not even that species that is controlling it, it is some shadowy figure that is pulling the strings. I am beginning to understand why I stopped watching.

They travel back from the 31st century to stop something or have something happen, so not sure at this point. I am just irritated. Time travel has been problematic in every incarnation of Star Trek. Kirk trampled all over 20th century earth in the series and in a movie.

What’s up with the Vulcans in this show? Mind Melding is new? What? It wasn’t acceptable behavior? When did it become acceptable? Spock did it all over the place, he mind melded with a silicon based life form! And what is up with it causing a disease? MMTD? Mind Melding Transmitted Disease? What! Spock never infected anyone! And he was doing it with everyone!

I’ll keep watching, I am determined to get to the end of this series, but they have to stop some of this.

I must admit Trip is the cutest thing ever, his accent is nothing short of charming. He really is the Kirk of this enterprise, in the way he charms all of the alien babes.

I do like the characters and i’ve always loved Scott Bakula and who doesn’t love Vulcans.

The Klingons are spot on perfect, the right amount of bravado with the muscle and fire power to back it up.

That’s all I have for now, I am just about to finish season 2. I didn’t get past that the first time around. I plan on plowing through on this one, time travel problems and all.

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