Glitter Soul

My weekend has turned out to be a completely girly weekend. Nails done, with glitter, of course, I have the soul of a 5 year old. I love anything that sparkles, so glitter nails it is. Hair being done today, I have to decide what I want, do I go with highlights again, or have her just dye it all back to my natural color, I know the cut, it’s just color that I am having a hard time deciding. I have repotted one plant and potted another that I have been rooting for a while now. All in all, kind of productive, I am now looking for a cookie recipe that is keto friendly.

Yes, folks, I am taking my diet keto, I did it years ago and it was highly effective. Of course back then it was Atkins, now it has evolved. Atkins has so many products out but looking at their carb content they are not going to put anyone into ketosis. I bought a book and am learning new things, I do believe I will make avocado, chocolate pudding later today. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

Ok, so, BBFF and his GF have a surprise for me, they are going to do a presentation to tell me what said surprise is. Since they are both evil geniuses I am a little trepidatious, I will tell you I know it will not physically harm me. They are not Lex Luthor evil genius, more like a fun evil genius type. Maybe Loki would be a better example, maybe not, I’ll let you know when I decide. August 20 is the reveal date, I’ll keep you updated.

Nothing really new in my world, it is easy to keep a no dating rule when one stays to their routine. Work and home, Target, Costco and Whole Foods thrown in for good measure. Bookstores as well, not a lot of chances to meet anyone. I am keeping it that way, with the amount of pain I have endured with past relationships I in no way want to subject myself to any of that ever again.

Except perhaps with Dean Cain, he is my litmus at this time, I should have stuck with that ten years ago. It would have saved me a lot of horrendous trauma in my life. After all he is the prettiest man alive and I believe could hold his own in an intelligent conversation without resorting to screaming and swearing. I do believe I could have an intelligent exchange of ideas with Dean. After my initial fan girl reaction of course.

Barring him showing up at my front door, alone I shall remain, happily so. Although if anyone knows anyone who looks like Dean and can converse like Dean please give him my number. Or just bring him to my house, since I really don’t like leaving it these days.

On a nerd update, after finishing off Star Trek Discovery I am now watching Star Trek Enterprise. I watched it when it came out, but I stopped watching after the second season. It was moved around a lot and it was the days before DVR’s were ubiquitous. It is fun getting to know the crew of the first Enterprise. I love Scott Bakula, watching him as Captain Archer is a delight. I am signing off now to continue my nerd fest until I need to leave my house for my hair appointment. Perhaps I will post a picture after my hair is done here. I haven’t done that in a while. Perhaps time for an update.

Enjoy your Saturday, make the most of your day and have an intelligent discourse with someone. It will only enhance your day, remember, no yelling or screaming allowed, and not everyone has to share the same opinion as you. They are not stupid if they don’t think like you and if you listen with an open heart and mind you might just learn something. That goes for everyone.

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