Ok, so, I am on season three and we have moved to the Xindi. Whom apparently have 43 different species on their home world. I know earth has a lot of species, however we don’t all get together to annihilate a planet. Granted only the human species is capable of that, for now (planet of the apes anyone?), so there’s that.

What the heck is happening? Earth has been attacked, Florida is basically gone. Trip has lost his sister, if I were there I’d so totally comfort him. It’s just too much! I will persevere. Some very lovely humans on twitter told me I need to plow through to the 4th season, plow I shall.

Did I mention BFF got a BF? Oh, FYI, I take full credit for everyone’s current state of happiness. No false humility here. I digress, so her BF is just about perfect. She casually mentioned she hadn’t had time to get lunch. Literally within 30 minutes a pizza and a coke show up at her office. Now that is a thoughtful human.

I tell that story to say men, step up your game! This does not apply to BBFF, from what my intelligence source has reported, his game is pitch perfect. This applies to the rest of you. Flowers are great and greatly appreciated, but unexpected food, that is just a wow factor that cannot be measured.

I am so living vicariously right now, with both BFF and BBFF.

Speaking of BBFF, he and his GF have a surprise for me, they are going to reveal said surprise on August 20th. They have a presentation. I don’t know if I should be terrified or mildly scared. I’ll keep you updated as events unfold.

That’s all I have for now, will be back soon.

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