Music Musings

Music. It can bring people together or it can be very polarizing. I have found people have very strong opinions on the music they love. I, myself, am no different, I love music, and I am incredibly eclectic in my musical tastes.

I listen to everything from classical to bluegrass; I don’t care for head banging rock or hard core rap. I do like Led Zeppelin and Snoop Dogg.

I love Motown, disco and of course there is my predilection for boy bands, from The Bay City Roller, The Backstreet Boys and of course who started it all, The Jackson 5.

I’m not crazy about country, but I do have a guilty pleasure in Alabama and Dolly Parton. I also have been known to enjoy Little Texas, Tracy Lawrence and of course Tim McGraw.

I love Vivaldi and anything John Williams does is amazing. Most know him from Star Wars fame, but he is a brilliant composer outside the movie realm as well. Check him out, you will not be disappointed. His music is the type you close your eyes and open your soul and welcome in like a long lost friend.

One of my ultimate favorite pieces in music history was actually used in one of my favorite movies. Avengers Assemble, Schubert: String Quartet 13, it is an incredible piece. Joss Whedon has always been quite brilliant in his musical choices, anyone remember the episode Forever in season 5 of Buffy?

Foreigner is a mainstay in my musical arsenal, as is The Bay City Rollers. I am very fond of Kiss and Van Morrison, we can’t forget Eric Clapton. I have serious heart feelings for Eric Clapton’s work.

There are very few songs I seriously hate. I hesitate to give them here, you see BBFF has a song he loathes and  can never resist sending it to him or posting a link to his facebook page. I know with a certainty if he had this information I would have payback in an epic proportion.

These songs are worse than nails on a chalkboard to me. As a matter of fact I prefer nails on a chalkboard over these two songs. They are sung by the same artist. Surprisingly I like his other work.

I just realized I know nothing Dean Cain’s musical taste. What if we are not compatible in that area!!??? The Humanity! The horror! I need answers

I am off to do research, by for now. As usual you can leave a comment here or send me a missive at

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