Our Final Day in Yellowstone

This is the day we went into Yellowstone Park on foot, I have never felt more at home in my entire life. Being surrounded by the trees and the sky, I felt incredibly close to God at that moment. His work is nothing short of amazing, I felt as if I could reach out and touch the sky, the clouds. I cannot say this enough, if you have the opportunity going to Montana and seeing this magnificence for yourself is a must do.

Before went into the park we actually met a park ranger, a woman ranger, who was originally from, are you sitting down, Texas! Yes she was from the same area in Texas that we are from.

We walked into the park and decided to of course take pictures, then we walked. Surrounded by the trees and the wildlife, no bears, and it was amazing.

Then I hear footsteps, I think this is it, this is the part where the bear sneaks up on me and eats my entrails.

I turn to confront said bear and it was just a park ranger, this time a man, a very short skinny man. Shorter than I am, which is saying a lot. I thought there is no way he is going to be able to protect us from a bear.

Perhaps I should back up, getting ready for our hike, I put on full makeup, Shay says why are you putting on makeup to hike in Yellowstone. I reply, in case a bear attacks, in all the movies I’ve ever seen the bears only eat the entrails and leave the face alone. i want to look good for the park rangers, upon seeing the short skinny park ranger I knew I had wasted my time.

We never saw any bears but we did experience incredible beauty and amazing peace.

I cannot reiterate enough how this was my dream trip and I am so happy my friend Shay said she would go with me and followed through. I would have gone alone, but it was so much better having a friend there.

I told her when she decides to get married I get to give the toast, since I now have a lot to say. Like her giving a wooden Indian a kiss, literally a wooden Indian like you see in the old westerns. Her putting me on blast when I rapped to a wooden bear and the many conversations we had on the way up and back from Montana.

I really do want to go back, I want to explore more of the state and stay for a lot longer, maybe a month. I can see me staying for a month in the winter, I am the opposite of a snow bird, those fly south for the winter. I want to fly north for the winter, I want to be snowed in with my books and my Netflix and Hulu and Amazon Prime. Me the dog and the cat, what a great way to spend some snowed in time, perhaps a little Lois and Clark, the New Adventures of Superman thrown in.

We decided to leave a day early as it was going to drop to freezing temperatures and rain, creating ice and closing down highways. I really wanted to stay for that but Shay was the voice of reason and we left.

We obviously made it home in one piece, safe and sound, no bears attacks and no ice on the road. As usual you can leave a comment here or email me at angie@angieworld.com.

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