It seems lately no one is allowed to have opinions that differ from others. This is rampant on social media, where everyone’s opinion matters more than everyone else’s. It is disheartening indeed that the days of polite discourse are gone with the way of Christmas decorations coming out after Thanksgiving.

It is a sad day indeed when a person states their opinions and are vilified on social media and in the press. Shame on every single person who does this. There are many opinions I don’t agree with, however you will never see me bash the person who said them. Sometimes (ok a lot of times) I wish I could have a robust discussion with people regarding their opinions and why they believe the way they do, or why they see things the way they do. What colored their opinions, what happened to them or what have they seen in their life that has made them see things a certain way.

Unfortunately we do not live in a world that is conduce to that type of discussion and this saddens me. So very much. I was raised in a house where differing opinions were encouraged and educating ones self on the days events were mandatory.

Growing up in my house we used to have robust discussions, my dad insisted that if I wanted to participate I would need to do research and educate myself. I did, even if my opinions were different from his, he never belittled me or tore me down. You see he wanted to make sure I could stand on my own two feet, do my due diligence and make decisions for myself. My children are very good at this as well, I encouraged them to do their research, do not go by what the news tells you. Soundbites do not tell the whole story, find out what someone actually said before forming your opinion. So much of todays culture is centered around soundbites and he said she said.

I don’t want my progeny to grow up in that kind of society, so can we please go back to civilized discourse. Can we go back to a time where we valued differing opinions and respecting each other.

I miss those days, I miss Walter Cronkite and I miss Ronald Reagan. I will say that until the day I die, I miss those days. I am horrified by what I see in todays world, in our country, in the United States of America, guilty until proven innocent and when proven innocent still guilty. Seriously this has to end. Due Diligence. It’s a thing people, google it, you more than likely have a smart phone.

I am of the firm belief that we have way more in common that we have different. We all want a better life for our children and their children than we have had. We want them to grow up healthy, joyous and with a firm belief in right and wrong.

I will tell you this a firm belief in God and Jesus Christ has instilled a great deal of my belief system and how I view the world. My mom, dad, grandpa, grandma and great Aunt Effie rounded that out. What did they all have in common you ask, I am so glad you did, they had strong morals and a great sense of right and wrong. They all had a simple way of doing things, treat people the right way, the way they wanted to be treated and that will come back to you.

I leave you with this thought if you are one of millions who do not read anything or go by soundbites or what social media and the mainstream media tells you, turn off everything. Go out into the world, socialize with people who are not like you, have a conversation. Conversation, not argument, not fight, not with an attitude of you are right and they are wrong. I do believe you might be pleasantly surprised at how much you have in common. As usual any comments, complaints or suggestions can be left here or sent to me at angie@angieworld.com

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