Am I too Picky?

Ok, so, my friend Shay has been telling me for a while I need to start dating. I told her if I didn’t meet and marry Dean Cain in Austin, TX then I would allow her to download a dating app on my phone and fill out the profile and choose the pictures.

When we were on our trip to Montana I kept my word, I let her download one and fill out the profile and pick the pics.

I have become the master at instablocking any and all men who contact me. I can find fault with all of them, head too big, too short, bad speller, you name it, I can instablock for it.

I also block for untoward handles, I don’t even open those messages, I just block.

Shay told me I am a dude with breasts, I don’t think like a female, I think more like a man. I believe I think logically, I know what I am attracted to and why should I settle for less than that. Men are allowed to say what they want, and God bless the honest ones.

The ones that flat out state they only date blond, petite and skinny women. God bless that kind of honesty, it is rare, I am equally as honest.

Shay is left shaking her head in exasperation, so I thought I would just put my list of requirements here and you all can tell me if I am being too picky:

First and foremost a Christian, it thought that would be a given but I am not sure.

1.) 6ft or taller, but not taller than 6’3”, too tall freaks me out.

2.) I like dark hair, no red heads, obvious reasons.

3.) dark eyes, soulful eyes, or dark blue, or green, oh green with dark hair would be really pretty.

4.) I do like the pretty boys, I am a sucker for a boy band pretty man.

5.) can work with his hands, like do handy work and knows about cars.

6.) slightly nerdy, too nerdy is too much, I am already super nerdy so some balance is needed.

7.) well read, I do like a reader, I’m a reader so it would be nice to have that.

8.) has to be funny, I’m funny so it is only fair he be funny as well.

9.) loyal, like a dog, not a husky but a real dog, like German Shepherd loyal.

10.) that loyalty is not only applied to me, but loyalty to his favorite team, I seriously HATE fair weather fans. Donkeys.

11.) Has to love movies and television. I do, I cannot be with someone who says oh I never watch television. WHAT?

12.) music lover, music is what feeds my soul.

13.) speaking of, snow, cold, ice, rain, he has to love all of that as well.

I think that is a start, 13 is a good luck number in my family, so I will end the list there. If anyone thinks I am being unreasonable, please, educate me on myself.

As usual, any and all comments or questions can be left here or sent to me at

2 Replies to “Am I too Picky?”

  1. Angie, you know I know you to well, but I love you anyway
    Every now and a good Norwegian comes to Texas to visit. I think it might be some qualities there you might appreciate… maybe even some Deanish qualities. That will sweep you off your feet and take to a country with mountains, valleys, fjords waterfalls and trolls. ❤

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